Consider the consistency of your brand

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Nicole Howes, Executive Chronicles | Brand guidelines should be strictly adhered to, ensuring a consistency across the board.

It only takes a slight change to a text here and an adjustment of colour there and small differences soon lead up to big differences in the perception of your branding.

4 tips to ensure your brand remembers who it should be –

1.Make sure your logo remains the same across all mediums

Take the time to sit back and review your logo and where it is printed or displayed. Often companies make adjustments to their logos on their existing stationery or website, but overlook those all ready on printed packaging, courier bags and company vehicles. Make sure your logo remains updated on all materials.


Typography is often overlooked and neglected. Where possible pick just two typefaces, one for titles and one for body copy. Stick to these across all materials, from vehicle livery to your website. Choose carefully to ensure it is a typeface that works well across all mediums.

3.Colour grading

Aim to allocate just a few colours to your brand and stick to them, precisely. Make sure colour references are used when printing materials and mirror these colours across all of your online platforms.

4.Company culture

Ensure your company culture is promoted consistently. Social media can be a great way to portray your brand, but it needs to remain on brand. For example, if you are a playful brand, forget structured stock images, opt instead for softer and approachable posts.