Cities that you should Visit to Improve your Personal Growth


Travelling can be a fantastic way to break free from the stress and boring routines of our daily life. Some of the must-visit cities that offers beautiful sceneries, as well as and improved personalities are the following:

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

This Indonesian archipelago offers Heal-in-Paradise Programs that offers various activities such as meditation classes, workshops, life coaching, and spa treatments. These activities are geared towards the achievement of the balance of life, harmony, stress management, clarity of mind, and enhanced vitality. Board and lodgings are in bungalows near Pererenan Beach and set in lush gardens. Even the meals served are carefully planned and prepared to support the healing process.


Kauai, Hawaii

Visit Kauai Healing Vacations offers vacation programs that include personal growth workshops, eco-tour adventures, and personal counseling.  You can also try hula, chanting, and other Hawaiian tools for achieving internal harmony and peace.

Grindavik, Iceland

Grindavik’ giant blue lagoon is fantastic to indulge both your mind and body. It is a perfect getaway if you want to go somewhere peaceful and undisturbed. Lavish in the silence around you, introspect and realize great things that you cannot think about in a chaotic environment.

Kyoto, Japan

This is one of the cities which is full of UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit and has running geisha districts. Find your comfort zone through the peaceful stone gardens; indulge in quiet strolls through the leafy Japanese trees where you can have an uninterrupted meditation. Also, the people locals of Kyoto are warm and hospitable so despite the change of environment, you will feel quite at home.

Hudson Valley, New York

The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies is one of the well-known educational retreat centers. They have different facilities for personal wellness and such as meditation sanctuary, a wellness center that offers a variety of therapeutic services and an expansive library. Indulge yourself with the beauty, art, and cultural innovation. There are also regular workshops, classes, film, concerts, and community gatherings for personal growth.

Cape Town, South Africa

At times, we are so used to the comfort and ease that our own place has to offer and one way to detoxify ourselves is to go out of our comfort zone. Cape Town is one of the perfect cities to visit if you want to appreciate all the comfort your present life has to offer. Take a leap on the history on how its people struggled against racism. Have a realization of your own identity and be sure of who you are.