Choosing the Best Air Conditioning System at Your Place

best air conditioning | Choosing the Best Air Conditioning System at Your Place | If you live in an urban area, you have to deal with heat waves in summer because temperature can go up to 36-42 degrees Celsius in urban areas. The summer days can have days with unbearable, scorching heat. You need to install the best air conditioning system in your home to beat the heat. You can find various air conditioners online, and it will be a daunting task to choose the best one. Here, you can find a complete guide to choose the best air conditioning system.

Types of Air Conditioning System:

  • Window air conditioners: You can choose a window air conditioner for your small room. You need to mount this AC on a wall at least 9-12 inches thick, and if you do not have this thickness on your wall, you need to install your window AC with some support structures. Window air conditioners are less expensive than split ACs, but you need to spend more on their installation. Similar to split AC, window air conditioners also have two units. You can find compressor and heat dispensing coils in their exterior units. You need to install your exterior unit outside the home. You can mount its interior or indoor unit on your wall. 
  • Split system air conditioners: Split air conditioners are the most popular cooling system available online. You can find them with different cooling capacities. You can choose a split AC according to your room size, and you must check their energy ratings before you buy. Split ACs are expensive, but they can save your maintenance and installation cost. Apart from that, you can also install an air conditioning system to cover a large area and connect such split ACs with ducts. These air conditioners are available in various sizes and designs. You can choose the best one according to your air conditioning

Things to Consider While You Choose an Air Conditioning System:

Calculate the tonnage or cooling capacity of an AC: You need to choose an air conditioning system according to its cooling capacity. Split and window air conditioners are available from one ton to five tons, and you can choose the best one according to your room size. If you install a one-ton AC in your large commercial area, it will take more time to cool down the temperature, and it cannot keep your room cool for hours. In this case, you need to go for 3-5 tons. So, you need to calculate the tonnage of an AC according to your room size, and you must consider the climate of your region in this regard. You can contact an expert in this regard. He can suggest the best air conditioning system after inspecting your property.  

  • The energy rating of air conditioners: The energy rating of an air conditioner is calculated according to its cooling capacity. Choose an air conditioning system with higher energy rating. You can save more on your power consumption cost. For example, a 5-star AC can save up to 35% power consumption cost. Air Conditioners that come with the highest energy rating feature can be expensive, but they can save more in the future.
  • Choose an inverter air conditioner: An inverter can convert the DC power to AC power. The Inverter of your air conditioner can take the AC power from your wall socket and convert it to DC power and then turn it back into AC for the compressor motor.

Inverter air conditioners are dynamic in nature, and they can keep the compressor safe. Apart from that, you can also control the temperature of such air conditioners according to your needs and keep your rooms comfortable in the days of summer.