Choose the Best Product Packaging: 4 Things to Consider

Choose the Best Product Packaging Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Choose the Best Product Packaging: 4 Things to Consider | Did you know 81 percent of consumers have tried a new product just because the packaging caught their eye?

As a product manager or business owner, you understand the importance of product packaging. Besides protecting your product, the packaging goes a long way in attracting potential customers. In a competitive market where the consumer has no shortage of options, your product’s packaging could be the one that makes a difference.

Yet, so many companies still struggle to get the packaging right. Choosing the best product packing is an art and science that you ought to master.

In this article, we’re fleshing out some of the most important factors to consider when creating packaging for your product. Read on!

  1. The Nature of the Product

There are different types of packing types including plastic boxes, corrugated boxes, side gusset bags, paper bags, poly bags, bottles, and paperboard boxes.

Although most products can fit in multiple packing types, some products call for a specific type. For example, if you’re selling perishable food, you wouldn’t want to use plastic bags. You can, technically, but you’d only be turning away the customer.

Products such as medicines require special packaging, typically blister packaging. Check out this trusted blister package supplier if your product needs this kind of packaging.

As such, the nature of your product is an important factor to consider when choosing product packaging. Ensure the packaging material you choose doesn’t interfere or react with the product in any way.

  1. Your Branding Interests

When was the last time you saw a product with plain packaging?

If you can’t remember, that’s because branding is part and parcel of packaging design. You want to use packaging material that easily works with your branding. For example, if you want to print the logo of your company on the packaging, the material should enable you to do so. Some materials aren’t friendly or don’t hold up well during the printing process.

So, when selecting the best product packaging, keep your branding interests in mind.

  1. Transportation and Distribution

Of course, packing materials aren’t created equal. Some are hardy and will hold up even when manhandled and others will tear at the slightest rub.

This is an essential factor to consider especially if your products will need to undergo extensive transportation and distribution. You need a hardy packaging material if your product needs to move between multiple warehouses or across the country.

Also, if your product needs to be transported or stored in a frozen or chilled environment, you need a packaging material that’s designed for those conditions.

  1. Sustainability

About 64 percent of Americans want to buy sustainable products, or products from companies that’re committed to sustainability. As such, using sustainable packaging material can prove to be a big selling point for your products.

Different packing materials have different levels of environmental friendliness. Some, like plastics, are outright unsustainable.

Choose the Best Product Packing and See Amazing Results

You have worked hard to make your product, but that’s only half the job. The other half is choosing the best product packaging. The nature of the product, its transportation and storage requirements, your branding, and your sustainability efforts are the biggest factors to consider when selecting product packaging.

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