How to Choose the Best Call Center Software Solution

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Technology is changing the way businesses operate and function in profound ways. Nowhere is that clearer than in the customer service sector, where technology continues to allow greater personalization and functionality for businesses around the world. Call center software is at the heart of these kinds of developments. Thanks to new omni-channel features and advancements in AI technology, it’s possible to connect with and engage with customers on a whole new level. If your company is considering how to choose the best call center software for its operations, the following tools and ideas are a few factors you should definitely consider. 

One concept you definitely want to keep in mind when choosing a call center software solution is how it integrates with the current technologies your business uses. For example, in the field of customer service, you likely already use a customer relationship management platform, or CRM. There are a wide range of CRM solutions available to your business; however, Salesforce is one of the most prominent and is an industry leader amongst enterprises. Thus, finding a call center platform that integrates and communicates with your CRM platform, and platforms like Salesforce, can be a major boon for how your company works. With an integrated solution, you can dynamically work across multiple departments, while all using the same customer data. This allows for a personalized approach, whether you’re marketing to a customer or fielding their request for support. Being able to reference previous interactions and engagements opens the door for a whole new way to communicate with your customers, ultimately enriching their experience with your business, and creating the next wave of brand evangelists.

Another aspect to consider in your search for the right call center software is whether or not it helps to future-proof your business’ operations. For example, if you aren’t using the latest technologies, even if your call center platform is full of helpful features for your company, if the software is built on outdated technologies, you’ll quickly be looking for a new platform. For that reason, it’s a good idea to research and choose a platform that harnesses the latest in tech so that you know you aren’t likely to be left in the dust. One example of this is a software solution that harnesses cloud-based technologies. By using the cloud, your call center software is not only faster, it’s also able to help your call center agents multitask more efficiently. Cloud-powered call center software can also use omni-channel technology, allowing your agents to meet customers where they are and field communications and requests from a variety of channels. Whether your agents are helping customers via SMS, live web chat, email, or over the phone, a cloud-powered approach to customer approach is as seamless as it is helpful. Remember that not every consumer can take five minutes out of their day to call you on the phone to get the help they need. Being able to speak with a support agent over-the-phone or through webchat may be the difference between that customer seeking help or staying unsatisfied.

The two above concepts may seem simple, but they are actually very important to keep in mind when choosing a call center solution. While not every platform will check every box, there are some developers, such as Bright Pattern that strive to really provide the full call-center software package. Whether you’re looking for inbound or outbound call center technologies, a company like Bright Pattern can really help you get your business up-to-date and competitive in today’s market. In building your company’s RFP for call center software, make sure to keep the above ideas in mind, so that you can find a platform that works with your existing software while keeping your sights set on the future. Being able to build upon your current strengths and grow into the company you want to be will ultimately be the most beneficial way to prioritize choosing the best call center software solution.