How dangerous it is to visit Pripyat and Chernobyl

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ExecutiveChronicles | How dangerous it is to visit Pripyat and Chernobyl | Chernobyl accident was one of the world’s largest nuclear disaster that caused numbers of fatalities, health issues, environmental contamination with radioactive particles, and even psychological problems in the part of the population that were evacuated from the zone’s cities and villages. Intended to make life easier, the NPP became the source of the serious challenges for the USSR. People from the entire Soviet Union and unmeasured amount of resources were involved in the liquidation of consequences. Some believe that this catastrophe and its elimination led to the collapse of the superpower like the USSR.

Ukraine, Russia, Belarus are three countries that were affected the most. As a result of the events, the government decided to form the 30-km exclusion zone in the most contaminated area. Belarus and Russia also have dead zones where it is prohibited to live and carry on agricultural work. Today, modern Ukraine welcomes guests from all over the world as the dead zone is open for tourists, and anyone who is 18 years old can visit Pripyat and Chernobyl. But how to do it safely and responsibly? 

Can a Pripyat tour be harmful to your health?

Safety during Chernobyl and Pripyat tours is a quite reasonable concern. Radiation can be dangerous and affect your health. That’s why you cannot freely walk around the ghost town on your own. There are still highly contaminated spots and places with a high level of radiation. Thus, you will never visit the hospital of Pripyat, the Jupiter factory, or Red Forest. But competent agencies, offering their services, know how to ensure a safe trip. First of all, all excursion routes are carefully developed to avoid risky locations. Secondly, all guides are qualified enough to provide such extreme excursions. So if you follow your guide, you will not be exposed to atomic particles. The probability of having health issues is really low, and there are no reasons for worries. If you want to book a trip, a few simple recommendations will help you to do it quickly:

  • pick only local agencies in Kyiv with good reviews and reputation;
  • booking a two-days trip to spend a night in Chernobyl, do it in advance as hotel rooms are limited, plus the agency must have time to prepare all permissions and documents;
  • choose a private excursion or a small group trip (avoid groups of more than 12 people);
  • bring water, food, and some money to buy souvenirs at a specialized local shop;
  • take only a comfortable backpack, as you won’t be allowed to put it on the ground when walking around.

Safety precautions when going on a Pripyat tour

Of course, there is no need to wear a gas mask, protective suit, or gumboots. However, you cannot ignore clothing rules: your wearing must cover the whole body and be convenient. Also, guides can offer you to buy a respirator or a personal dosimeter. Such additional tools are advisable for ensuring 100% safety. Choosing the agency, ask for more precise instructions on behavior and the list of items you should take with you. Go2Chernobyl is your reliable guarantee of unforgettable Chernobyl vacation and exciting Pripyat tours.