Chernobyl tour: to be a stalker or not to be?

Chernobyl tour

Chernobyl tour: to be a stalker or not to be? | Have you ever thought about the weird nature of coincidences in world history? 40 years ago, there was released a fantasy movie “Stalker” directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. Can you imagine that seven years after the release in Ukraine, one of the most dangerous tragedies took place there – the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station. This phenomenon is still alive today: every day hundreds of people visit Pripyat and the adjacent territories, someone with an organized Сhernobyl tour, otherson their own. On the eve of the 42th anniversary of Tarkovsky’s film, we’ll tell you how and why to go to Chernobyl.

Ukraine Chernobyl tour: who are stalkers?

Traditionally, stalkers in the zone are divided into ideologists and gamers. The first are those who go on a tour Chernobyl to see unknown places and phenomena with their own eyes. For them, this campaign is a whole science. Such stalkers go to the zone for several days in order to explore it in as much detail as possible, as well as to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city

Another group is those who decided to make a tour to Chernobyl Zone after the release of the computer game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. They come there, rather, out of interest, to compare the picture in the computer and the real one. A stalker today is not only one who walks into the zone and searches for Chernobyl tours cost, but in general a person who is engaged in industrial tourism and visits abandoned places around the world

The dangers of making a tour to Chernobyl Zone on your own

The main danger is far from the idea of ​​being caught by a burglar; there are things that are much worse and more serious:

  • Wild animals, especially wolves and bears. There are also moose, lynx and wild boars. The worst is to meet them in the fall, when it’s time for mating.
  • Radiation. It is impossible to see or hear it. If you feel bad during and after you get to a highly infected place, tmay result with a number of heath disorders after some time. Hence, protect yourself with a dosimeter, follow basic safety rules and if possible search for Chernobyl tours cost and visit Pripyat with professionals so as not to end up with various repercussions.
  • Getting fractures and injuries. The zone has been abandoned for 35 years, so the buildings are in disrepair, and you can also step on some kind of pit and not notice.

Legal ways to enter the Zone: Chernobyl tour

Traveling as part of a Ukraine Chernobyl tour is an almost legal way to get inside the Exclusion zone. Today, you can go to the Chernobyl zone both for one day, two or even seven! To do this, you should contact one of the accredited agencies. Everyone has a different pricing policy, some have different prices for weekdays or weekends, others differ depending on the number of days, but in general, all routes are identical, so be guided by reviews and prices.

There are a lot of pros of making a tour Сhernobyl – professional guides will take to the most interesting historical objects and tell a true story of the tragedy. Besides, your journey won’t be dangerous, since you will be walking along cleaned roads. So, don’t be afraid to fulfill your dream and book a Chernobyl tour as soon as possible!