Cheap Trips – 5 Essential Tips to Help You Afford That Great Overseas Adventure

Great Overseas Adventure travel-girl

It’s time to travel. You can feel it in your bones. Overseas adventures are calling you, and you’re ready to answer. If you’ve been setting aside money for some time now and just need a bit more in your wallet to get you on a plane, you may want to consider taking out quick cash loans online. If not, there are a few money saving tips below as well as some essential tips to make that great adventure affordable.

  • Research Your Destination

The three factors that will determine your travel budget are figuring out where you want to go, what it costs to travel there, and how long you intend to stay. Flexibility is critical as you plan. For example, if peak season airfare and lodging rates are exorbitantly expensive, consider visiting at the beginning or end of the season or traveling during the week. The more flexible you are about when you go, the cheaper your travel can be. When you finally book your trip, do so on the weekend and clear your cookies every time you do a search to get the best rates on airfare.

  • Create a Budget

All of your destination research should help you come up with a reasonable estimate of how much you’re going to need for your trip. Before finalizing the numbers, think through the little stuff. How much is a customary tip? What is the average cost of a drink in a bar? If you come up with a budget number that seems impossible to reach, start looking for alternatives.

  • Know What You’re Spending Now

You may think you know where the majority of your money goes each month, but have you ever sat down and tracked it? To create the most accurate picture of your expenses, spend money with only your debit and credit card for one month, then choose one night to sit down and review the costs by category. This effort will not only help you understand where you might be overspending now, but it will also help you think through your habits and budget accordingly for your adventure.

  • Slash Expenses

Once you understand your spending habits, you most likely will need to begin cutting back to save money for your travel budget. Free up significant funds by getting a roommate, or moving to a cheaper apartment in a different part of town. Save big dollars on transportation by taking public transit, biking or walking. Not only will you save on insurance, gas and car payments, but it will also be good practice for how you’ll get around in a foreign country.

  • Gear Up Appropriately

If you’re planning on some adventure tourism, you’ll need to research what equipment you will need, and whether it’s more cost effective to rent gear at the location or pack your own. If the adventure is only one small part of your trip, a higher rental fee may be more desirable than toting around gear you’re not going to use for the remainder of your time in the country.

Your great overseas adventure is within reach! Make the time to research the costs of your desired trip and create a reasonable budget based on a realistic picture of your spending habits. Cut expenses where you can now and on your trip by planning for adventures and any required gear. Spend the effort now so that you can enjoy a cost-effective trip later.