If you focus on value and not money?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

In business, cash is king. The more tangible your money is, the more you know how much you earn.  Arguably, this idea suits only for the beginners or small-time entrepreneurs. It’s because as you step higher and work longer, you will realize that focusing on the value than money is better. It will give you immeasurable rewards that may not only make you wealthy, but also a happy businessman.

Satisfaction than frustration.  To build your reputation, you have to make sure first that you provide quality service and products for your customers. You should empathize with your buyers’ needs so in return they become loyal clients of your business.

If you center your focus only on how much you get, then you will tend to become choosy, insensitive, and greedy. They will not only feel the cold treatment, but you will also feel the emptiness in your entrepreneurial journey. Why your customers come and go?  Why you feel there’s always treat and competition against you?  It as if you’re always under pressure that make you feel stressed and frustrated, than satisfied. Why again?   Because you invest in numbers, not in genuine worth of your business. The first one keep on changing, while the latter is long-lasting.

Credit: Pixabay

Peace of mind than enjoyment.  In just reading news, we get to know some rich people who luckily acquire valuable possessions through easier methods.  Some inherited properties from their parents, while some enjoy fame and fortune because of social media. What they don’t know is enjoyment is far different from happiness so as being rich far from wealthy.  If you are rich, you have the capacity to buy something because you have supply of money.  Remove that supply, then your enjoyment is gone. Being wealthy is beyond earning money or learning financial literacy. It makes you better, wiser, bolder, and stronger even if you just creating or have to rebuild your wealth again.