How to Change Your Career for a Lifetime Satisfaction


By: Ana Margarita Olar|

When you land on a job that isn’t you, there are two possibilities. First, you are working yourself to death thinking that you can enjoy later when you retire. Second, you are trapped in a comfortable routine without realizing that the best things in life have passed you by.

There is no way that one possibility is better than the other. Both scenarios lead to a lifetime of misery only to find out that retirement is not a time of enjoyment. So what to do?

Here are some tips when you want to change your career:



When you set off to change your career, you should manage your finances first. Because the greatest hindrance for a career change is that you are afraid to lose your current job. You are afraid to make a mistake. How can I pay the bills? What about my everyday expenses. Take care of these worries by managing your expenses. If you can, cut off your unnecessary shopping, trips to malls and eating out. Focus on your goal. You are saving up to change the course of your life.


Why do you want to change your career? Is it the job, the boss or the company? What do you want to do? Knowing your likes and dislikes will provide you direction in looking for a career or job. Clue: your aim is not immobility. You should aim for things that excite you and motivates you.


You have identified your passion. It’s now time to search for a career in which you want to change into.

You may feel a bit uncertain but just go with it. Avoid the analysis paralysis.


You may be surprised to find out that you already possess the whole package of skills needed when you change your career. All you have to do is nourish and cultivate it. Attend training, workshops, and seminar. Look for a mentor or an expert in your new found career.


One essential key when you change your career is having linkages. People on your network can help you look for a job in your area of expertise. They can give you advice or they can inspire you.

If you want to change career, you don’t have to quit your present job. You have to test the waters first to avoid career change mistakes. When you’ve got the hang of it, then it’s time to let go. Remember, your target is not having so much money or luxury. Your aim is to have control of your time, what, when, how, and who you want to spend it with.