Career Tips to Ease your Employment Gap Woes

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Besides being a passionate employee, you are maybe a doting parent, a loving espouse, and a dedicated community leader. This is why employment gap is a welcome idea if you want to switch gear and fulfill a full time mission.  However not all understand every reason about work hiatus, especially if it takes too long to find new employer again. Here are few activities to do to ease your worries during your employment gap:

Start a side project.  Doing a side project doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a sideline business or job. If you’re a hobbyist photographer, blogger, gardener, crafter or event host this is what you do during your free time. In your work hiatus, it’s ideal to have a side project that’s career enhancing and worthy to be included in your resume.  Thus if you’re in the field of marketing, why not help your friend to promote his or her home business through a new platform or methods you want to use. You can try any or all possible strategies like guerrilla marketing, blogging, and social media marketing.

Take short course or training [s]. Brushing up your skills or knowledge will always be a rewarding step.  Remember that being an experienced worker maybe good for your image, but education is a superb booster for your self-worth   Take as many trainings or short courses as you can to put an end to your limitations. Who know, you discover what else in life you are interested to conquer.  On the other note, a training with certification is an excellent defense against skeptic hiring officers.

 Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Form or join a community group activity. When you’re employed, it’s hard to keep up with any organization’s demands because of time constraint. Now that you have time, it’s your chance to be a member of a group where you immersed in something you’re passionate to do. Today, it’s easy to spot worthy activities and groups especially on Facebook and blogs.  You can join programs like outreach, tree planting, and building houses every weekend or on dates you are free.  Can you include your membership experience with your favorite community group or professional organization on your resume? Absolutely!