Career Overhaul: 5 Ways to Rekindle Stagnant Career

By: Ana Margarita Olar|

It is said that anything in excess is bad. That includes excessive foods, excessive dieting, excessive work, and even excessive rest. That also applies when it comes to our career.

Over familiarization with our job can lead to career boredom. It is easy to get stuck in a daily routine without realizing that we become stagnant, unproductive and demotivated.

Here are some ways to bring reignite our passion for our career:


Go out of your daily routine. Learn to enjoy. You don’t have to break the rules. But you can bend it a little, just for fun. What do you do early in the morning? Are you stuck with the morning news, coffee, and running off to work? Try something different.

Jog or walk around the neighborhood early in the morning. Go to work a little early and public vehicle when going to work. If permitted, get out from work a little earlier than usual. Don’t go home yet. Relax in a park before going home.



Another danger of career exhaustion is when you became stuck in your “stock knowledge”. The principles taught to you in the early years of your career may not be applicable now. Learn to deal with change by continuous learning. You don’t have to suffer from information overload.

Learn something new in line with your career. Take advantage of on the job training and professional development classes. Keep yourself up to date by reading journals, and articles related to your career.


Remember why did your fell in love with your career in the first place? Is it because of the routine? Is it because of getting stuck? Is it because you get to do the same things every day? Of course, not.

You fell in love with your career, not because of the comfort in brings. It is because you do something that excites you. And to reignite that passion, you should not stop taking the challenge. Don’t be so contented with the routine.


Before you let yourself suffer from another boring day, take a break. Stop and think, are all these things worth spending time with? Or should I focus on more important tasks that can sharpen my skills and increase my productivity? Learn to discern between two tasks.Choose from tasks which you can delegate and the ones that you should focus on.


Don’t let life pass you by behind that desk. The world will not stop spinning even if you take a rest for a while. Plan to have a vacation with your family.

Learn to appreciate life outside your career. This way, you’ll also appreciate the importance of your career. You go back to work feeling refreshed, energized and motivated.

Try these five tips and prevent burn out. Your career should continue to excite you and not to exhaust you.