Career or motherhood? Ginger Arboleda says both


by Nadj Villaver |

Motherhood is one of the best things that can ever happen to a woman. Having a child of your own indeed is a blessing. But sometimes, this point also leads to a crossroad where one chooses between two significant aspects – her career or being a full time mom.

A graduate of Communication major in integrated marketing communication, 35-year old full time momprenuer, Ginger Arboleda easily made her career in the corporate world. She handled various clients in advertising companies before landing in the banking industry, where she finally found her home.

In 2009, she tied the knot with the man of her dreams. A year after, she conceived their first baby. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, she lost the child. She even had to to undergo chemotherapy because of the complications caused by the miscarriage. This was the chapter in her life that she had kept from the people around her. But just recently, Ginger is ready to share this private chapter that changed her life.

Cliché as it may sound, every people has a purpose in their life. For Ginger, the mishap led her to realize what on Earth she is for. She needs to help people. With a number of years in the banking industry, she thought of helping others become entrepreneurs.

It was in 2012 that she finally took the leap and fulfill her purpose. Upon learning about her pregnancy, she decided to resign from her work and instead, started Manila Workshop, a venue for people to continuously learn and aspire for their entrepreneurial and personal goals in life.

Every one knows being a mother is never an easy job. You have to be 24/7 be there especially for your growing baby. That’s why it’s an advantage to be your own “boss.” Having the flexibility of time, Ginger gets to spend more time with her daughter, baby Zeeka, who serves as her inspiration in pursuing the path she has chosen.

Ginger together with Baby Zeeka and husband, Ej Arboleda
Ginger together with Baby Zeeka and husband, Ej Arboleda

Ginger also acknowledges the significant part of her husband to the success of her mompreneurship. For those who want to take the same path, she says it’s important to check first with your husband if he’s willing to take the leap with you.

Financial readiness is another important thing to consider. As Ginger calls it, one must have a “parachute fund” that serves as a back-up fund that you can turn to if things get rocky. Say, when you still don’t have an ROI (return on investment) at the first year of your business.

The advantage of being your own “boss” is the flexibility of time. You get to spend more time doing the things that mean so much to you.

Aside from several series of lifestyle workshops, she’s hands on with “Love the Leap” program, a three-session workshop wherein the individual undergoes a gruesome process of developing a business and marketing plan; that the participants can implement in their business at the end of the program.

Despite her hectic schedule in Manila Workshops, Ginger never fails to make time for her family. Asked how she juggles being a mom and an entrepreneur, she says it’s all about scheduling and priority.

Ginger can be considered as a modern mom – hands on in taking care of her family while being the boss of her business. For her, it doesn’t just stop here. Continuous learning is a crucial part to achieve your goals in life.. And if you want to pursue something, just for go it but be sure to plan beforehand so you can take “calculated risk.”