Career for introverts online and offline


By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

People tend to think that it’s hard for introverts to go solo or try freelancing. Arguably, that’s the other way around for most of them. They have natural tendency to thrive in working alone and be great virtual workers. Here are the ideal careers for introverts:

Blogging. Everyone can be a blogger as long as they are willing to explore and learn digital tasks.   Most of the digital influencers today started  to blog for passion until they discover to monetize their sites. What you need is always produce quality contents that ideally searchable and web friendly.  Some of the stuff you can try to earn as a blogger is affiliate marketing, offer ad space, accept sponsored post, and sell your own products.

Online selling. Opening traditional and physical stores maybe not appealing for introverts, but not online selling.   If you sell online, the interaction with your potential clients can be purely virtual. If in case they want to meet up, it’s up to you where and how. If you’re already an established one, you can partner with any courier or delivery company so you don’t need to deliver your product yourself.

Tutoring.  Teaching is a novel profession and you can do it on your own. Be a tutor as your sideline or full-time either personal or online. If you opt the online set up, you can partner with other established tutoring companies as a freelancer.

Graphic/ Web designer.   Connected to writing and blogging, graphic or web designers are also in demand to give color and life in campaign or reading materials online and offline.

 Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Novel/ Short Story Writing.   Are you familiar with the creator of Harry Potter Empire?   J.K. Rowling is one the richest women and writers in the planet today, with her $1 Billion estimated net worth. She’s also known for her introvert personality. If it happens that you have the same talent, you can follow her lead and start to transliterate your fantasies.  Today, novel and self-help book authors have variety of options. This is not only in terms of where publishing companies to submit, but channels.  Many modern writers now enjoy and earn through publishing ebooks and self-publishing too.