Is Cardboard Packaging The Best Type Packaging Till Date?

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Helen Hunt, Executive ChroniclesWith the increased demand of goods, there is further an increase in the need of perfect packaging. There are several different ways to pack things but the widely used packaging technique is cardboard packaging. In this packaging procedure, cardboard boxes are used for packing up the different materials that have to be transported either in the same place or across boundaries. This is used widely as a symbol to attract customers and hence signifies the brand image.

Why Make Use of Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard packaging has many advantages and this is the reason why it is used all around the world for transferring goods. These have been enlisted below.

  • Versatile in Nature: This packaging is versatile as these boxes are made in a way that makes them strong but still are easy to carry i.e. they are light in weight. The boxes are such that these can be flattened when sent to other places and are the ones that can be easily converted into boxes while delivering goods.
  • Occupy Little Space: Since these boxes are easily flattened, they occupy very little space when being transferred. So the  storage of these boxes is very easy in comparison to the ones like plastic boxes, metal boxes etc.
  • Recyclable: These boxes are 100% recyclable and hence widely in use. These therefore turn out to be an environment friendly solution.
  • Fancy Packaging: Cardboard packaging can be manipulated as per demand i.e. they can be coated up with different material, so that transportation of all sorts of materials can be done, so things like milk are also transported making use of waterproof cardboard boxes.
  • Tight Packaging: These are formed in way that when fragile materials are stored in these; one does not need to put bubble raps around them to facilitate security of the product.
  • Durable: These boxes have greater durability and hence can be used for a long period of time.
  • Protecting: These protect the packed materials from heat, light, vibration and shocks.
  • Online Shopping: With the increase in online shopping the role of cardboard packaging has further increased where the different shopping companies have started transporting the materials making use of cardboard boxes.
  • Convenient Way: This is the most convenient way out for storage as all one has to do is to assemble and reassemble the box every time and store things.

Different Uses of Cardboard Packaging

If thinking about cardboard packaging, we only think about the cardboard boxes. But these are more than just those boring brown boxes. These are used in transportation of materials like different drinks, fast foods and also in the storage of heavy materials. These are also used by people at homes, where they store excess materials into these boxes. So these are used multi purposely for transporting different sorts of materials.

Future Life of Cardboard Packaging

This type of packaging has been there for about 150 years and hence there are changes that have come into play increasing its role in our lives. And it is certainly the best type of packaging method being used till date not just because it is cheap, easy to carry but also because it is recyclable. But since there are greater demand of the commercial market the cardboard could not meet them to the extent it should have done. Yet, it works efficiently to carry materials of different types.

If people demand of a packaging that would not impact the environment then there will always be a great future for cardboard packaging, but if environment will not be the concern then there may be changes to this. So if the focus is on green matters, then this product will continue for more than 150 years from now and even longer.