Can You Send Father’s Day Flowers to Your Dad?

Can You Send Father's Day Flowers to Your Dad

Can You Send Father’s Day Flowers to Your Dad? | When you think of sending flowers for holidays, you probably think of sending them to your mom, wife or girlfriend, or daughter, right? Most people think of flowers as a gift for women, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While it might not be as common as sending your mom flowers for Mother’s Day, sending your dad a carefully picked flower arrangement for Father’s Day is a unique way to show him how much you care, especially if you put some thought into the flowers you pick.

Read on to learn more about the best options for Father’s Day flowers and why you should consider them.

Why Send Father’s Day Flowers?

One of the biggest reasons you should send Father’s Day flowers is because they are unexpected. Most dads expect traditional gifts, like gift cards, ties, socks, or some type of tool or outdoor gear. Your dad probably isn’t expecting flowers, so you can surprise him with this unique gift.

You can also incorporate other gifts with the flowers, like a tie, socks, or the above-mentioned tools. Many florists have Father’s Day arrangements that do just this.

While flowers and plants have a stigma of being feminine, plenty of men enjoy and appreciate a good flower arrangement or plant for their landscaping.

What Flowers Are Best?

First, decide if you want to do an arrangement of fresh flowers in a vase or if a potted plant or something that can be replanted outside is what you want to send.

If you go with a flower arrangement, send flowers that match his favorite color. You can find plenty of flowers there are more masculine colors, such as blues, deep purples, reds, and oranges.

You could also send the flowers that were at your parent’s wedding or maybe his mom’s favorite flowers if she has passed away. There are lots of ways to make the flowers meaningful with just a little thought.

If he’s more of a potted plant kind of guy, go with a monstera plant or a fiddle leaf fig that he can use to decorate the house. Or, if outdoor gardening is his thing, buy a rose bush, hydrangea, or peony plant that can be transplanted outside.

A succulent or cactus garden is another more masculine arrangement. Get a stone or ceramic planter and arrange a series of smaAll succulents or cactuses.

While cactuses and succulents aren’t your traditional flowers, some of them have gorgeous blooms. This can be displayed in his home or office.

Buy Your Dad Something Unexpected this Father’s Day

If you want a unique and unexpected gift for your dad this year, go with Father’s Day flowers. You can even incorporate them with a more traditional gift if you want, such as a gift basket with his favorite foods and snacks, a tie, or socks. Get creative or let a florist do the work for you.

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