Can I Settle a Motorcycle Accident Claim Without Going to Court in New York?

Can I Settle a Motorcycle Accident Claim Without Going to Court in New York?
Photo by Jakub Sisulak on Unsplash

Can I Settle a Motorcycle Accident Claim Without Going to Court in New York? | In some cases, you can resolve a motorcycle accident without going to court or fighting with your insurance company. Although this method is not always possible, it is worth considering if the damage seems small enough that not all parties would need to go through the legal channels. A case like this can also avoid legal fees since no lawyers are involved. Sometimes it helps in personal injury, where the money would only add stress to an already difficult time for someone who has recently lost their loved one. You can contact a Bronx motorcycle accident attorney. They can find out if a settlement is possible and help you determine how much money you could receive.

Alternative Methods of Settling a Motorcycle Accident Claim in New York Without Going to Court

1. Negotiation: If the parties involved in the accident agree with the amount of money          offered, they can use a mediator, usually a lawyer or representative of an insurance            company. You can use this to avoid appearing in court to settle what is involved in the        motorcycle accident claim. It involves having the parties sit down and discuss the              settlement.

2. Arbitration: An arbitrator is a person who was not a part of the accident and will help        decide on the resolution. You can use the arbitration process if the parties involved              cannot negotiate with each other. You may be able to hire an arbitrator through your          insurance company. These arbitration hearings may take place either over the phone or      in person.

3. Mediation: A mediator is usually a lawyer and someone who specializes in helping            settle disputes in negotiation, so they know how to do it effectively. A mediator will not      decide on the amount of money to pay for a claim but instead will work with the parties      involved to come up with a settlement that both parties can agree on. Mediation is              almost always used in motorcycle accident claims because it helps keep the process            short and reduces stress and frustration.

Benefits of Settling a Case Without Going to Court

1. Avoiding Court Costs: Court fees can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if        you need to hire a lawyer. A case will have to go to court for a judge or jury to decide          how much money should be awarded due to an injury from a motorcycle accident.

2. Avoiding Stress and Strain: Money is not usually the only thing to be settled in a            motorcycle accident case. When a case goes to court, and one party or another loses an      appeal, it can cause stress to the person experiencing injuries. Mediation also helps            provide additional information that they may not have known.

3. Faster Resolution: Insurance companies have to evaluate what is involved with the          motorcycle accident claim to determine how much of a payout will be given. If the case      goes to court, there is usually at least some time needed for discovery, then more time      for a trial, and then time spent on the appeal process. The speed at which you can              settle a lawsuit through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration tends to be faster than          that which would occur through court action.

Many people injured in motorcycle accidents don’t go to court and settle their cases with insurance companies instead. They understand that it is sometimes better not to go to court because they could go from winning money with their lawyer and then losing money again by taking it to court.

Photo by Jakub Sisulak on Unsplash