How Can Art Innovate Your Business (Infographic)


Trevor Travinsky, Executive Chronicles | With the increasing number of new players competing in the market, more and more businesses are searching for new ways to gain one step ahead. But aside from the trending strategies such as social media marketing and content generation, many companies are also leveraging on arts – from paintings to sculptures and performance-based – to attract more customers, entice more qualified employees and ultimately, improve their brand image and profits.

Today’s challenging business environment requires out-of-the-box thinking or else left behind in the dust. In the search for new ways to gain competitive advantage, many companies now rely on various art forms – be it a 17th-century portrait or a 21st-century interactive art installation.

Art, unlike any other marketing tactics, is one of the oldest forms of communication known to mankind. And while the use of art in business is not entirely a new concept, we have seen that it has gained more traction across different industries, such as in hotel and tourism sector, during the past recent years.

Today, magnificent art pieces cannot only be seen on the walls of museums and art exhibits, but also on the hallways of private and public offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, subway stations, and many others. With art, establishments are no longer viewed as a dull and tedious white space to spend time with, but as a place that can ignite creativity and innovation not only to its occupants but also to people passing by the area.

As art continues to become a staple in the business landscape, more companies are turning to artists, not only to give their real estate a fresher and unique feel and look, but also to give their brand name a new perspective. That said, many business leaders are partnering with artists from various creative sectors such as music, theater, and visual art.

People who appreciate creativity in these art forms are often more inspired and open-minded to non-linear approaches to business problem thinking – which is a crucial aspect to achieving business goals. This proves that Aside from providing customers with refreshing customer experience, art is also a paramount tool to motivate employees to achieve creativity and innovation with every tasks and job assignments they do.

To learn more about art and its significant impact on marketing, business innovation, and overall operational efficiency, check out the infographic below from Accent Art and Frame