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Executive Chronicles | Buying a Top Property in Makati with Ohmyhome PH is a Good Move | These days, with or without an economic crisis, finding top properties to buy in Makati is a treasure hunt. Everyone who has investible income is on the hunt for those prized properties in Makati that can either be rented out, leased, lived in, or a combination of those.

There are a lot of options to reach a seller. And because of these many options and the lingo that can be hard to understand, Ohmyhome PH can help. But first, consider these things when considering a property in Makati City. Let’s go!

Things to Consider when Buying a Property in Makati

Are you in the market for a new home or potential investment property? Then tell me, what do you seek out when seeing apartments and houses? Investigate available real estate in Makati if you’re interested in knowing what it’s like to live in the thick of the city.

The most successful people in the Philippines tend to live in Makati. The current commercial establishments in Makati include:

Fifty-four percent of the country’s top one thousand businesses have a representative in the Philippine government.

On weekdays, you can visit any one of over 400 bank locations.

There are BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) offices here in abundance (over a thousand!). These and other factors ensure that Makati will continue to serve as the country’s preeminent financial hub. As a result, the value of the real estate in this area is expected to rise, which is good news for investors. In less than a decade, the value of property in Makati, for instance, has increased by 132% from its pre-pandemic level. We expect this trend to continue as the post-epidemic recovery in Makati gathers steam, which is good news for the many investors who are placing their money in the city at the moment.

Makati is Equivalent to Wall Street in the Philippines

Despite competition from other areas, Makati has maintained its position as the Philippines’ leading financial hub. It’s the equivalent of Wall Street in the United States and, while Bonifacio Global City is trying hard to overtake it, it hasn’t quite made it yet. Makati is the undisputed financial and commercial center of the Philippines, and only a massive exodus of the country’s most important corporations would cause it to lose its throne.

Obviously, Makati itself surpassed Manila as the central business area in the Philippines. Even though Manila protested the relocation of many businesses to Makati in the 1960s, the city was powerless to stop the trend. Back then, Manila was hampered by crowding, rising taxation, and a dearth of expansion options. And Makati was more than happy to come to the rescue of businesses in need.

Sixty years later, the city is still the largest and most thriving center for commerce in the country. During the day, it hosts big corporations and oversees the completion of negotiations. After dark, however, Makati becomes the city’s premier nightlife destination.

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But how about as a potential residence?

Thus, Makati is an ideal location to conduct business and afterward relax. But is it just as exciting to buy a house and call it home? Absolutely, it is the correct response. In Makati, you may find anything and everything.

Is there a way to guarantee constant internet and phone service? Check. Utilities that are always on, like water and power. Check. Typhoons, storms, and other natural disasters are unfortunate realities of life in the Philippines. If you’re lucky enough to call Makati’s central business district or one of its outlying neighborhoods home, you won’t have to worry about the flooding that has plagued the rest of the island.

Years of urban planning also resulted in the financial district’s raised walkways and underpasses. A typical resident or worker in Makati can now walk from one end of the commercial center to the other without the risk of getting wet. Dela Rosa Walkway, at 11 kilometers in length, surpassed all others in the Philippines in 2016. However, the newest underpass, connecting Ayala Triangle and Salcedo Village, is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing of all. The walkways not only allow for dry and safe travel between different sections of the building but also between floors. In addition, this means that residents and workers in the area now have a more environmentally friendly and convenient way to get around the neighborhood without relying on cars.

The Benefits of Having a Makati Home of Your Own

When it comes to actual homes, though, Makati is still where it’s at in terms of high-end accommodation. There are a number of high-end apartment buildings in the central business district, perfect for professionals who want to live close to their office while enjoying all the amenities of city living. That’s why P221,554.29 is the average price per square meter for a home in the city center. Those who are able to do so justly deserve the advantages of life in Makati. The region is filled with high-end Ayala shopping centers, and everything is within walking distance. Luxury shopping, dining, and entertainment may be found in plenty at these venues. To run out of places to eat, even if you try somewhere new every time, would take quite some time. If you’re looking for some fun, you can’t go wrong with a night on the town in Makati. Parties go on until morning, whether you’re in the financial sector or the adjacent Poblacion.

Also, there are apartments available that are within the price range of professionals and entry-level executives. A one-bedroom apartment in the downtown area can go for as much as P30,000.00, while one in the suburbs will only set you back P20,025.00 each month. Thanks to the city’s rapid expansion, properties in Makati are plentiful, both for sale and for rent.

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There are no signs of Makati relinquishing its position as the premier business center in the Philippines. Up until that time, all business routes lead through Makati. You should, too. Find out more about Philippine real estate in Makati City and elsewhere now! To be abreast of what’s happening in the Philippine real estate market as well as current prices and trends, check out Ohmyhome Philippines.

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