Business Shipping: How to Decrease Delivery Times and Increase Efficiency

Business Shipping

Maybe your business is moving out of the basement and into a warehouse. Maybe you’re just trying to out-sell and out-ship your competitors. Whatever your reasons for wanting to improve your company’s delivery services, here are just a few tricks of the trade that you can use to get the job done.

Automate Your Paper Trail

Between order forms, purchase receipts and inventory records, shipping involves a lot of documentation. You can save time and energy by installing software that will process it for you. Instead of manually inputting data from your WMS or ERP host, you can set everything up to track, transfer, monitor, record, and have it double-check itself. In addition to cutting down on shipping times, it will also reduce the possibility of human error.

Create Workflow Systems

Many small business owners are used to packing and shipping things with their own two hands. Once you reach a certain number of orders, however, this becomes a tiring and time-consuming process that could be better completed with machines. Conveyor belts can move things more quickly through your warehouse, and digital scanners and label makers can be installed on assembly lines. You’ll decrease manual labor and increase efficiency around the warehouse floor.

Upgrade Your Delivery Vehicles

If your business has grown to the point where you’re sending out dozens of vans and trucks per day, it’s time to upgrade to a semi-truck. One vehicle is easier to track than an entire fleet of them, and you’ll save on gas costs when you’re able to consolidate your shipping routes. You don’t even have to buy a brand new semi. You can find used semi-trucks that are reliable in great condition, and they’ll operate just as efficiently as their newer cousins.

Create Batch Processing Systems

Batch processing is one of the easiest ways to speed things up at your warehouse. Instead of handling each order individually, you’ll move and ship them in batches. Labels will be printed in bulk, and items of the same type will go on those semi-trucks to be delivered to their buyers. You can even create dedicated teams to handle things like packing, processing and truck loading for specific product groups. It can be much more efficient than one-at-a-time order handling.

These are just a few ways to organize and optimize your business shipping services. It might require you to try new things or invest in new equipment, but your efforts will pay off in the long run with a faster, more efficient delivery system.