Making Business Finances More Transparent

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When running a business, you’re going to have to constantly stay in touch with your finance department so everything can run smoothly. However, you need to think about laying down some financial information with everyone in your company, working in the finance department or not. Consider spreading these types of financial information across your company so that you can be more transparent.


The process by which employees get regularly paid is called payroll. Employees should understand payroll basics as they can run into issues where they are missing paychecks if they don’t. First, tell them about what information you are required to have so that you are properly able to give them their paychecks on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Important details of payroll include their social security number and bank routing information if you are going through the route of direct deposit. If you’re interested in telling them more about how it works at the viewpoint of a business, tell them about the important ID numbers and EIN required that tell the federal and state government everything they need to know about how many employees a company has, how much they make and more. Ensure that your employees truly know everything they should about payroll.


Depending on what team an employee is on, they may be responsible for working with a budget they can spend at their discretion as long as it benefits their daily work. Having your employees fully understand these budgets are important as they can easily overspend what you were looking to go under, meaning that you could easily lose money on a project, no matter what the end result is. To have them understand budgets, give an in-depth explanation where you talk about all of the money being already taken out of a budget from salaries, fees, and other charges. From there, make sure that you have someone who can sit down with them every time they are looking to make a big purchase from the budget to see if it’s worth it. Employees should be more responsible with their budget afterward, which will make you more money.


A big stigma in many different companies around the world is that you shouldn’t be discussing salaries publicly. However, it’s been found that people end up a lot more comfortable discussing ways that they can make more when they are able to discuss their salaries with others. The way that you can do this is to ask employees to sign a waiver in which their salary will be fully visible by everyone who’s signed the waiver as well, meaning that everything can compare. From there, you can have a discussion with your employees on things that they can do to get raises or possibly get a promotion. When you’re looking for employees to be more responsible with their current role or get good enough that they can fill another open position you have, consider making salaries more open to discussion within your company.


Enacting all of these different factors of finance to be public to everyone in your company can be difficult, but you’ll have a much better time when you’re being transparent. If you’re unable to do this all by yourself, enact someone from your finance team to go ahead and create different documents that make all of your financial information easy enough for anyone in the company to understand. Whether you’re a business small or large, it’s better that you go ahead and start being more transparent with your finances today.


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