BUHAY Party List Gets Full Support of Various Orgs with Pro-Life Advocacies

Buhay Party List Nominees
Buhay Party List Nominees: Mark Brian Paz, Von Valdepeñas, and Xavy Padilla

EXECUTIVE CHRONICLES |  Camp Vicente Lim, Calamba LAGUNA | BUHAY Party List Gets Full Support of Various Orgs with Pro-Life Advocacies | Buhay Party List (or Buhay Hayaang Yumabong) has been at the forefront of pushing legislation that are pro-life. Its primary advocacy has expanded to include being pro-family and pro-PWD. These advocacies have attracted support from many organizations, especially those in the sectors they represent as well as Catholic and Christian organizations.

Recently, it has allied with big Catholic organizations. Buhay Party List welcomed the support of Missionary Families of Christ, a Catholic lay organization with chapters all over the world, and led by its servant general, Bro. Frank Padilla.

lito atienza
(L-R) Jason Ong, Buhay Board Member; Von Valdepeñas, Buhay First Nominee; Beng Atienza; Cong. Lito Atienza; Bro. Frank Padilla, MFC Sevant General; and Gerry Padilla)

Buhay also got the support from the Live Christ Share Christ (LCSC) Movement, led by Bro. Narcing Eguia who is the National Coordinator. LCSC’s pro-poor program, No One in Need, is at the forefront of nationwide relief efforts during calamities and helps reduce poverty through other endeavors. LCSC is responsible for the Catholic-based Live Pure Movement, which has pastored hundreds of thousands of youth in the Philippines and other countries, and is involved in parish-based and campus-based programs of LCSC.

Buhay Party List gained the support from the Friends of Divine Mercy organization led by its servant leader, Rene Tumang. The Catholic lay organization’s community leaders pledged their support Buhay due to its common pro-God and pro-Life stance.

The PWD Sector’s support came from Goodwill Industries, a multi-awarded NGO helping PWD’s through their livelihood programs. President Jun Bermas and Secretary-General Al Bermas and representatives from the PWD sector pledged their support for Buhay Party List.

PWDs Buhay
Representatives of Goodwill Industries and the PWD sector

Other organizations who have recently joined Buhay’s causes include: Laguna De Bay FARMC, the General Parents and Teachers Association (GTPA), and various Rotary Club members.

Buhay Youth

Buhay Party List has integrated pro-life youth advocates into their fold. Young people who are  part of the Buhay Youth Program are involved in community change by organizing events that bring together other young people and inspire them to do inspiring things.

The Buhay Youth are encouraged and empowered to inform the public about good values and inspiring stories through various media they use such as blogs and social media. They are also involved in various awareness programs and promote dialogue and interaction with those who are fighting for better education and youth programs in the Philippines, as well as across the United States.

Maureen Wroblewitz is the Buhay Youth Ambassador. Wroblewitz, a Filipino-German actress, beauty queen, and model best known for winning the fifth season of Asia’s Next Top Model, is this year’s Buhay Youth and Mr. & Ms. Philippine Youth Ambassador 2021. She was the first Filipina to win the competition and represent her country. And she’s the first runner-up for Miss Universe 2021. Companies such as Asus and Palmolive both use her as their spokesperson. The ICanServe Foundation, which aids cancer survivors, also counts her as one of its ambassadors.

Maureen Wroblewitz
Maureen Wroblewitz

The support by these key Catholic lay organizations and civic groups is in line with Buhay’s advocacies on acknowledging the sanctity and value of human life as the most fundamental element of society and recognizes the rights of individuals disadvantaged by age, sickness and disability. It believes that every child has the right to be born, the right to live. Therefore, the party-list professes to protect and support the unborn, the sick, the disabled and others not capable of protecting themselves alone, through observance of their basic right to live in the Philippines.

These advocacies are summarized as “Maka-Diyos. Maka-Pamilya. Maka-Tao. Maka-Pilipino.” The three nominees of Buhay Party List for the 2022 elections are: Von Valdepeñas, Mark Brian Paz and Xavy Padilla.

For more information on Buhay Party List and its programs, visit https://buhaypartylistph.com.