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Intro Technology-Executive Chronicles

ExecutiveChronicles|For thousands of years, the technology humans use to aid them during their daily lives has drastically changed, bringing innovation constantly that can be easier and faster to use than the previous generation’s innovations. However, many people have felt that these innovations have slowed down in recent years as they look back into the past. It’s important to see however that we are constantly seeing new technology being invented every day. Look into all of these ways that technology is changing.


Traditionally, education has been seen as a process in which you attend a traditional school system in which you take kindergarten through high school in which you’ll be given the choice if you want to attend a university in person. Technology has changed this process, making it possible for you to learn more and get options when you don’t want to go for the traditional learning process. A good example of this is the countless number of online learning programs that are available for parents wanting their children to learn specific subjects that might not even be taught in traditional school systems like specific languages and computer science. Technology has also brought us further in online education by allowing university students to take many or all of their courses online to get a systems engineering masters online or any other degree that they are wishing for. Take a look into these methods of education if you are looking into either utilizing technology for yourself or someone you are looking after.


Music is a form of art and entertainment that has rapidly changed as technology grows with it. If you’re someone who grew up in the 90s or earlier, you’ll remember needing to buy any albums from an artist that you liked physically, which cost you money every time. Today, music streaming services have drastically changed how we consume music. Combined with social media, you can listen to new music the second it comes out while being able to instantly discuss it with millions of fans across the world. Additionally, live streaming has made it so many different concerts and festivals have been able to be shown on the internet even if you aren’t there, so many people have considered not flying out to a show if an artist isn’t coming to their town. Always look into the ways technology is changing how we consume music if you’re someone who enjoys the art form.


Anyone who’s been a long-time consumer of videogames knows how much the medium has changed and still is changing. In the past, you were required to go to a physical store whenever a new game came out and hoped that you either pre-ordered the game or they still had copies left as you could be waiting weeks for a restock if they already sold out. Today, video game copies are practically unlimited given that on PC and gaming consoles, you can download any new game you want the second it gets released. This helps consumers with not only being able to locate a copy but to play it immediately since in the past you had to wait in a line outside for hours if you’re someone who wanted to play a hot new game as soon as it comes out. Additionally, we’re starting to see new ways we can consume videogames as technology develops. Google has recently announced plans to launch their Google Stadia service which allows consumers to play many of the newest video games just from their web browser as games are being directly streamed from a Google datacenter. Whether you’re a diehard player or just someone who likes to casually play a game every once in a while, look into the different ways new technology is affecting gaming.


As time passes, you’ll constantly see new technology being embraced in pretty much everything you do. Make sure that you always keep up with news and try out new devices as you don’t want to look like you’re stuck in the past. Technology will not only improve what we do now but create new opportunities for us, whether it be for careers or recreation.