Feng Shui Tips for Offices

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MJ Gonzales │Executive Chronicles

Tradition or just force of habit, people tend to meticulously clean their house and dispose things they no longer need especially before celebrating New Year. But if there’s one thing that most Filipinos also check during this season is the way they can capture prosperity and harmony with the use of Feng Shui.  Do you believe in this practice?  Do you want to apply it your working or business area to attract good vibes?

“The ancient Chinese practice of 风水 (feng shui) is used to align a person’s energy and surroundings in harmony and boost prosperity. Literally translated as “wind and water”, “feng” represents vigor and energy, while “shui”, represents changes. The words together examine changes in the universe and the environment and signify balance between humans and nature,” CCTV-America’s explanation about Feng Shui, which apparently started around 1046-256 BC or Zhou Dynasty.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

CCTV also added that today this practice is being used as basis to arrange objects in places like home or office to bring harmony, prosperity, and good health.   For the office, Feng-shui-and-beyond.com shared that the focal point is the work desk. Its shape will help you to attain you goals like  if you want concentration get the rectangular one, but if you do have creative  briefing or brainstorming circular desk is advisable.

“The ideal desk position has a commanding view of the door, a pleasant view out of a window, and a solid wall behind you. You don’t want to sit directly in front of the door, but you should still see people coming and going,” Feng-shui-and-beyond.com imparted.  “The best position is on diagonal across from the door. If a window is behind you, place a large piece of furniture or a plant behind you to provide stability.”

Meantime, cleanliness is also important as the site shared a cluttered desk means confusion and procrastination.  Wires and cords should be kept under, the items displayed on desk should be the things you need and easily reach by your hands.  On the other hand, Entrepreneur Magazine shared objects like artwork, photos and other personal treasure are also good to display on  desk.  According to them your “chi” is soaring by seeing these materials that will not make you forget about love and warmth of life.

It’s good if your desk is big, but it should not be oversize that it occupies   huge space and difficult for you to reach items. According to Feng-shui-and-beyond.com, this means being not in control.  They also advised that workers should not face a blank wall and sit where there’s window or door behind them.