Boost your productivity by challenging yourself publicly?

Credit: Anna Vander Stel/Unsplash

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Do you have doubt about sharing your goals with your pals or office-mates? Is it because you think they’re going to laugh at you or it seems that there’s no sense to share your ideas?  Apparently it has, which according to a study will help you to achieve your plans and boost your productivity.

Filipinos give importance to things they commit with their friends and comrades. They commonly called it “may isang salita” and “Palabra de honor” or in English, word of honor.  It’s a must for them to fulfill what the word or commitment they say, whether that is for someone or about their own plans.  Generally, declaring your plans is a good way to challenge yourself. In the long run it will serve as your motivation.  It as if you have to prove everyone, including yourself, that you are ready to achieve your goals.

In the study of Dr. Gala Mathews, the Psychology professor revealed that participants who kept their goals among themselves and not writing those had only 35% chance to become achievers. It was lower compare to above 70% success rate of participants who were open to give updates about their goals.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Apart from motivating you to stick with your plan, talking about the tasks you are driven to finish is way to become productive. After all, it is natural for people to become conscious in what others may say if they fail or have broken promises. No one likes bad impression, what more on tainted images, right? Furthermore, sharing your goals will help you to gather astute views, advice and tips from people who are concern and sincere to guide you. They may even become your support system and inspiration so you’ll become an accomplished person amidst trials in your work.

Alarm clock, to-do list, and dream board, are things that can remind you in what to do. However, it’s good also to try something else that will challenge or push you to stay productive and motivated.