Boost your career, income with self-published book

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Executive Chronicles | Boost your career, income with self-published book | Unlike in the old days, modern writers and non-writers find easier and affordable means to publish their works. One option for them is to come up with self-publish books or eBooks, which are selling and make them searchable in the Internet. If you think publishing a book is not for your business, here are the reasons you should think again:

Build your brand

Today to boost your business and career you should be relentless in marketing what you offer.  Most of the time, clients ask about the proofs about your past and current accomplishments that you should provide as soon as you can. However, meticulous customers don’t believe in just proofs of the experienced practitioners. They want reputable professionals whom they also be proud to work with. Publishing books can help you with that. It’s because being an author makes you a credible expert in your field.

Get more connections

Though establishing your personal network takes time, it’s worth it for your career. It works because of the recommendations of your impressed clients.  In the aspect of eBook, it’s the readers and clients who will voluntarily begin to connect with you. A Lot are relying on reviews online. Paying for book reviews is a great way to promote. It is possible especially if you provide informative and motivational contents for them.

Enjoy two or more income streams with one big-time gig

Whether you hire a ghostwriter for your book or not, launching your own book could increase your income in different ways.

  • It’s a notable marketing material that will improve your profit in your business or career.
  • You’ll earn like many writers do through sold copies and royalties.
  • If your book is self-published and becomes a best-selling one, then all the credits and profits are yours.
Credit: Pixabay

“They told me that once you get your book published, the big publishers don’t market it as aggressively as you think they should. Plus, they take a cut,” Ben Snyder, CEO of Systemation and self-published book author of ‘Everything’s a Project: 70 Lessons From Successful Project-Driven Organizations’ shared on “Having someone vet your work and say you’re worthy of being published is an ego thing. We’re not in this for ego. We’re going to give our books away.”