Boost Your Productivity at Work With These 6 Tips

Boost Your-Productivity-at-Work

Mitzi Ilagan |

8 hours a day, 5 days in a week−not every day could be a productive and cheerful day, right? There are no pills or magic recipes in having a productive day at work. Whenever it hits you, running out of motivation could be a problem, especially when it happens most of the time. You won’t get things done and you might even lose your job. And this happens to most people, so don’t feel that it’s only you who has this problem. So, here are tips on how you could boost your productivity at work today

1. Get your caffeine fix

For some, a little bit of caffeine could help the creative juices kick in more on a boring day at work. Starting off your day with a cup of coffee could help boost your mood, especially when drank on midday, and not as early as 6am.

2. Take breaks

It may sound unprofessional to some, but taking breaks during office hours could be helpful rather than staring down at your computer keyboard because your mind couldn’t function well anymore. Quick breaks may include a washroom break, a coffee fix, stretching at the pantry or even checking your social media accounts (for less than 10 minutes or so). Also, taking quick breaks could lessen the chances of getting your eyes hurt from working in front of bright screen for about 8 hours.

3. Avoid multitasking

This is one of the biggest challenges for a millennial today: multitasking. It may be something done to increase productivity, but for some, it somehow slows down their pace in working because what they tend to do simultaneously with others is something of less importance, such as browsing over their social media feeds or entertaining their personal necessities. Set your priorities straight, do what must be finished first then settle the things of less importance.

4. Concentrate

Even when distractions appear more often in the workplace, try your best not to be distracted because it could change your working pattern for the day or even your mood. If distractions are uncontrollable, try keeping your attention to something interesting, such as listening to music or munching on some chips.

5. Give yourself a deadline

When you can’t find your motivation to finish something at work, think as if you’re a teacher who gives deadlines to your inner self. Challenge yourself to do something as fast but as effective as possible. With that, you could help yourself meet a deadline and you’ll surely find yourself more focused to do work, as you send the e-mail to your boss hours away before the assigned submission time.

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