Big Business – 5 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses From Massive Corporations

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Image: | Big Business – 5 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses From Massive Corporations | Even the largest multinational corporations started somewhere. In fact, many of them started in a humble garage. This may not seem relevant to your business, but it is because it means they’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. With that in mind, let’s take a peek into their wardrobe:

A Cut Above The Rest

The first thing you need to do if you want to sit at the adult table is to identify the unique selling points of your business and market them in an engaging way. Presumably, you’ve already done the first part (but if you haven’t, you really need to), so let’s jump to the second essential step. 

Corporate promotional products are a great way to stand out from the crowd and ensure prospective partners and customers remember you. Select an item that’s appropriate, stylish, and functional, then attach your branding and the unique selling point that relates best to whomever you’ll be giving the product to. 

Friends In High Places

Now that you’ve got your promotional products in hand, it’s time to get them out there. Attending industry events is a great way to network with other businesses that you can form partnerships or supply chains with. What people often overlook, however, is that they can also help you break into larger markets. 

Networking events offer you the opportunity to gain mentorship from those who are further advanced in your industry. To make such a relationship work, you need to make it worth their time. Perhaps your business can supply them with a product that fills a gap in their offerings, or your team can offer a service to their customers that complements their own. As you’ll both be benefiting from the arrangement, they’ll be more likely to put effort into helping your business grow. 

Learn Continuously 

The world’s biggest industry leaders got where they are because they strived for continuous learning, growth, and improvement. Invest strongly in the research and development of your products and business, but also yourself and your staff. Attending educational seminars or courses and constantly expanding the knowledge base of your team will allow your business to flourish in ways that you can’t even imagine when you’re first starting up.

Try New Things 

As technology advances, there are more and more ways to communicate with customers. No business ever got to the top by being a stick-in-the-mud, so ensure your team stays across the latest channels and turns appropriate avenues to your advantage. For example, being present is important on both well-known and emerging social platforms as they represent some of the best ways to help customers feel like they have a personal connection to your business. The brand-love this inspires will give your business the boost you’ve been looking for.

Take Risks

Massive corporations got where they are because they were prepared to take intelligent risks. We’re not saying you should go out on a whim and drop a million dollars on untested stock, but staying within your comfort zone isn’t going to get you to the top. Research things before you implement them and ensure you track progress closely, so you can accurately see what works and what doesn’t, but remember that you’ll never know if you never try.

Growth is all about trial and error. Put your best foot forward, learn from those who’ve walked this path before you, and never give up. Every large company has had setbacks – it’s the nature of business – but it’s how you deal with them that will define you. Follow these tips and watch your business flourish.