Best Ways To Keep Your Paint Looking Stunning & Protected

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Best Ways To Keep Your Paint Looking Stunning & Protected | A car paint job is a beautiful thing as long as it is in good condition. Whether you like the way your vehicle looked coming off the showroom floor or decided to spice things up with a custom paint job, a clean, polished look says a lot about the care you put into your vehicle. However, keeping a pristine paint job is not always easy — Mother Nature has a lot to say about that. If you really want to protect your vehicle, it comes down to shielding it against the elements, and there are a couple of ways to do that, including using custom truck covers.

Should You Keep Your Car Indoors or Use a Car Cover?

When asking yourself whether you should keep your car indoors or outside with a car cover, the consensus is to keep it inside away from weather and other harmful elements. However, even when a vehicle is in a garage, you will probably want to cover it with a soft cotton cover. These indoor covers help keep the dust and other particles off the surface of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a garage. The next best thing would be a carport, but a waterproof car cover or some other durable cover is ideal if you are scarce any protective structure. The primary reason for the cover is to protect your car against acidic bird droppings or insects. Essentially, your car cover will prevent most of the damage that stems from exposure.

Best Car Cover Materials

When discussing the best car cover materials or which material is best for car cover, it is necessary to discuss where the car will be parked. If the car is going to be indoors, the primary need for the cover is to protect the paint job. Consequently, the cover will be lightweight and dust-resistant. It might also have a thin felt lining. Alternatively, it will need to protect the vehicle from UV rays, weather, and other outdoor threats if the vehicle will be parked outside. Therefore, an outdoor cover will probably be a heavyweight material that is both UV and water-resistant. It might also have a felt lining or some other padding to increase scratch and ding resistance.

If you are in the market for indoor car covers, consider choices that come with warranties and provide satisfactory indoor protection. For example, you can choose from several options:

  • Plushweave cotton flannel
  • Dustop car cover
  • California Customweave
  • Viewshield see-through cover

If you would rather park your car outside, you will want a more durable material suited for the outdoors. While you can use an outdoor cover indoors, it provides superior protection against the elements. Some car cover choices include:

  • The Noah cover
  • The Superweave
  • The Superweave premium

Are you ready to purchase a car cover and protect your paint job? If so, reach out to a local auto parts store and talk to one of the representatives. They can help you find the perfect cover for your vehicle.