Best Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees

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How do you see your employees? Do you see them as people going to lengths to help you and the company grow? Do you ever think about how they do some things they’re actually not supposed to, but they still do it because they want to help the whole team? If the answer is “yes”, then you should be willing to reward them and show them that you appreciate what they’re doing. Everyone wants to be acknowledged for the effort they put into their work, as that will boost and motivate them even more to be productive throughout the day. Here are a few tips that will help you make your employees feel special and thankful.

Celebrate important days

Who doesn’t like doing something special, out of the ordinary, on their special days? Have everyone’s birthdays marked in a special calendar, as well as the days they started working for the company. Anniversaries at work are of the same importance as their birthdays, and they should be commemorated or celebrated in a special way. You can give them a day off or buy them something special, unique to them. If you don’t know what they like, you can always gift them an amazing prepaid visa and let them spend the money in a way that will make them happy. Birthdays shouldn’t be celebrated without a cake, so make sure to secure a big one for everyone to have a taste of it! 

Encourage competition

Nurturing a competitive spirit is a win-win plan for both the company and your employees. We live in a generation where everyone used to get medals and trophies for everything, even when coming in the last place, which only devalues all the hard work the person who came in first put into their job. Make sure to come up with a valuable reward, something that everyone will be willing to compete for, like a five-day-holiday covered by the company, or something similar. Make a long-term goal they will strive for. Your employees will be motivated for a long time, as everyone wants to stand on the top and reap all the benefits of being the first place. It doesn’t even have to be a long-term plan, you can reward them for accomplishing some smaller things ahead of the planned time or for their personal achievements.

Think about an unorthodox schedule

Isn’t it sometimes tiring and stressful when you have to stick to your everyday routine, not getting a chance to change things a little? Every change, no matter how small, is a good thing to freshen up your day-to-day life which affects your overall performance in a truly positive way. Think about giving your employees a flexible schedule sometimes. Let them work from home twice a month, or give them half a day off work, so they could spend some more time with their family, or whatever they need it for. Let them come in late for work – it’s okay as long as they get their work done. Think outside the box sometimes.

Show them you think about them

No matter what you do, let them know you think about them. Greet them when they come to work, ask them about their families, their lives, give them high-fives or handshakes, get friendly with them. Being professional doesn’t mean you have to be a cold person. Emphasize their achievements in front of the team, let them know they did a good job. You can get some personalized items for everyone, like personalized mugs or t-shirts. The more unique it is, the more thankful they’ll be for all the attention you give them. Showing appreciation works wonders. Fresh fruits or healthy snacks, a day out of the office, having lunch together, all of those things will bring you closer to your employees, and they’ll know that they’re important to you and the company. They’ll be much more motivated to do their work, and they’ll surely feel more satisfied knowing that you’re keeping track of their accomplishments.

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