The Best Master’s Degrees to Consider in 2017

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by Kyla Camille,  Executive Chronicles |

There are different ways you can push your career forward, but getting a master’s degree in the right field is definitely a step you should take. Not only will you learn new skills and expand your knowledge, you will also be preparing yourself for the growing market. With more mid- to top-level management positions being made available, a master’s degree on your CV will be a huge plus.

You can choose to pursue a master’s degree in any field. Based on recent market changes and trends, these are the three most promising master’s degree to consider in 2017.

Master in Business Administration

A master’s degree in business administration, or an MBA, is still one of the most popular degrees available today. This degree is not only popular among professionals who want to advance in their careers, but also business owners who are looking for the opportunity to be a better entrepreneur.

There are plenty of specializations to choose from. You can, for instance, pursue an MBA in international marketing. This will prepare you for the global market, which means you will have the right skills to pursue a higher position in marketing at top, global companies.

An MBA is relatively easy to complete. There are still requirements to meet before you can enroll in a program of your choice, but there is no shortage of courses to choose from.

Master of Arts in International Relations

Another master’s degree to consider if you’re serious about advancing in your career is a master’s degree in international relations. This may not be a particularly business-centric degree, but it is one of the fastest growing fields of study for all the right reasons.

As mentioned before, we’re seeing the world turn into one global market right now. Masters in international relations degree holders from Norwich University can assume the role of lobbyists for top companies, helping businesses work with local governments and policy makers.

There is a huge demand for professional international relations specialists, too. Companies are already hiring students who are completing their international relations graduate programs even before they graduate; that’s how high the demand is. This trend will continue for several more years, making the degree a very valuable one to pursue.

Master of Science in Nursing

The last master’s degree on our list is the master of science in nursing. Thanks to changes such as the Affordable Care Act and state regulations, the healthcare industry is now among the fastest growing industries in the country. The immense growth in this sector can be felt across the globe. More nursing professionals and nurse practitioners are needed to fill the gap between healthcare demands and the capacity of today’s best service providers.

If you are already working as a nurse, you can now complete a master in nursing degree online without having to step away from your career. Thanks to the wonders of online degrees and top universities making their programs more available, getting a master’s degree in nursing – or any other field we’ve covered in this article – while maintaining a full-time job, is now easier than ever.