Best Blog Sites in 2019

Best Blog Sites in 2019 blogging

ExecutiveChronicles.comBest Blog Sites in 2019Blogging has become the number one source for getting accurate information about products and businesses. There are millions if not billions of blogs posted every year.

It’s important to choose the right platform to get your message out to the many readers of blogs. Do you choose a paid service or free hosting?

It’s a bit of a minefield, to be honest, so let’s take a look at the most popular blogging sites in 2019.

The Top Contenders –


 No matter what you think you cannot get away from the ubiquitous WordPress, and it’s Ubiquitous for a good reason. WordPress is easy to use after you have followed a few tutorials and the platform is free. It’s hardly surprising that WordPress is almost the number one choice for millions of bloggers across the world.

If you’re not happy using then you can use your own domain name for 4$ per month, it’s a small price to pay for personalization.

If you want to tap into the really great themes then WordPress is going to hit you hard with a whopping 25$ per month. I guess it’s the old adage; you get what you pay for.

Nevertheless, WordPress is chosen by millions of bloggers.


If you consider WordPress to be old and outdated as it was developed back in 2013 then you may want to look at Ghost. Ghost is full of innovative ideas that are relatively easy to use once you have figured out how to navigate your way around the tools.

Ghost is open-source and is available to anyone who wishes to download it. Ghost allows for more creativity and it’s certainly easy to use for text and images.

Ghost has been designed specifically for bloggers and that’s why it is also a popular blog hosting site.

You may wish to opt for Ghost pro, it’s expensive but when you realize the annual fee of 348$ or 29$ per month goes back into software development then you may consider this a worthy cause.


This blogging platform is a little different from the two previously mentioned blogging platforms, again it is open source so anyone can download it and get blogging immediately.

Your URL will look like this https;// your name it’s not offensive but there is no option to use your own domain name and that may put some bloggers off using this platform.

The cool thing about Medium is there are no ads and the whole blogging site has a clean fresh feel to it, it does have a user-friendly interface but, when you join Medium you are joining the medium family of bloggers.

You will receive daily emails and hints and tips on how to make your blogs better, it’s a great platform for the occasional blogger.

If you are looking to make money from blogging then this could be the site to host your blog. By joining the Medium partner program (it’s free) you will get “claps” from readers, these claps have a monetary value. If you write a blistering great blog that goes viral you could be in for a few hundred dollars!

What’s your decision?

The three blogging platforms discussed all have their features and benefits along with some quirks. WordPress holds the number one position for a reason; it’s fairly easy to use and bloggers have become familiar with the WordPress interface.

However, Medium has something unique to offer bloggers with its clean style and no-nonsense format.  Combined with its user-friendly interface it allows good bloggers to easily turn their blogging skill s into cash.