Benefits of Pay Per Click Services

pay per click services | Pay Per Click (PPC) services is an internet-based marketing strategy where the client pays for an ad-based only on results. Prior to the introduction of PPC services, clients had to pay advertising agencies for campaigns in advance and hope that positive results would follow. There was no way to accurately measure if any campaign was truly successful or not. PPC has made internet advertisement more efficient.

Here are some other benefits of using PPC services.


With PPC, what you see is what you get. Reputable PPC agencies such as Broadplace hide nothing from the client. Your dashboard reports everything ranging from how a user interacts with the ad to how long the interaction lasted. The billing process is transparent and easy to understand. Clients are expected to pay only for the result as opposed to paying heavy fees upfront with no guarantees.

See Immediate Results

Part of what makes PPC very efficient is that clients get to see immediate results as soon as the campaign is launched. When compared to other means of online advertising such as social media and search engine optimizing which takes weeks or months to get a full report, PPC services seems to move at the speed of light. For that reason, the advertising agency can tell almost immediately what works and what doesn’t.

Work within Your Budget

Much like social media ads, PPC allows you to work within your budget. Simply inform the PPC agency of what your budget is, and they will comply. Once the campaign clicks match the equivalent of the set budget, the campaign automatically shuts down.

Get More Conversions and Boost Revenue

The interesting thing about PPC is that it allows you to easily convert traffic into customers, which in turn boosts your revenue. For example, a visitor clicks your ad, which costs you £1 and ends up buying your £10 product, you end up making 900% return on investment. And it doesn’t stop there. They could end up being loyal customers who keep on returning for more. A £1 click could easily translate into a £10, £100, £1000 customer and more.

Retain More Control and Management

You have more control over your PPC campaign as compared to traditional means of advertising. With radio, TV, and print campaigns, the goal is to get as many people to listen, watch, or read as possible. But with PPC, it is all about target marketing. When one strategy does not seem to be working, you can pause the campaign, edit, and re-strategize until you get what works best for you.

Venture into New Markets

Broadplace can help UK businesses venture abroad, thanks to its partnership with Google. The same billing model applies – only pay for what you get. With PPC solutions for all budgets, this provides an opportunity for everyone looking to grow their business.


Whether you are new to online advertising or a veteran, have a small budget or a huge dedicated marketing budget, PPC is right for you. You only pay for what you get, and you retain control over your campaign with the opportunity to venture into new markets. When done right, the return on investment on PPC can lead you to lifetime customers.