Career-women problem: Being the Breadwinner Mom is an issue?

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The world is changing and it starts apparently in homes where wives replace their husbands as breadwinners. This was part of what Working Mother Research Institute found out in their study, which also noted that American breadwinner moms are also earning than their male counterparts.  For some it’s also a domestic issue for many as typically husbands is known providers in the family.

“If you have two people who both want aggressive careers, they’re going to have a problem relative to somebody who has desire for an aggressive career, and the other person has interests like planning vacations and working in the home and taking care of children,” University of New Mexico Professor Emeritus Allen Parkman shared with KOB, a New Mexico’s television station.

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Meanwhile, it is not only American women who also being challenged but in fact many nationalities around the globe. In United Kingdom, Telegraph reported that for 15 years British breadwinner women goes up by 80 percent and as of 2014, 31 percent of them serve a main supporter for their families.  This of course doesn’t easily be accepted because for decades, if not centuries, even kids are molded to think that should be with their moms at home and their dads have to be in their works.   Furthermore, women are most likely struggling to shift they gears.

“I found some men felt threatened by their partners’ high-earning status and retaliated against it, but mainly it was women who were having problems coming to terms with the situation and were surprised that it bothered them so much,” The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners Is Transforming Sex, Love and Family’ author Liza Mundy shared, via Telegraph.  “Women are brought up to expect parity, but they’re dismayed to be out-earning men because of the pressure it entails. They feel they have less flexibility, that they can’t leave that job or go part time and so they are, as one woman put it, ‘getting boxed in’ – which, of course, is what men have encountered throughout history.”

On the other hand, Time also cited issues when comes to house-husbands who also coping with their wives’ rising career.  One of their concerns is their drowning self-esteem that possibly leads them to feel cold in their relationship in the long run.

“It makes sense that a man might feel threatened if his girlfriend outperforms him in something they’re doing together, such as trying to lose weight,” American Psychological Association study lead author, Kate Ratliff, PhD, of the University of Florida. “But this research found evidence that men automatically interpret a partner’s success as their own failure, even when they’re not in direct competition.”

Meantime, the good news is not all husbands with breadwinner wives are rebellious and if they have harmonious agreement the result is positive. In fact Telegraph also cited the study of American Sociological Review that revealed divorce cases are too low for couples wherein the wives who serve as providers in the families.