Before You Hire JavaScript Developers These Are What You Should Do

JavaScript Developers | Before You Hire JavaScript Developers These Are What You Should Do | The front-end web development has become a very complex and professional job with the help of the latest front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and others. You need to have your website responsive, attractive, user friendly, and in compliance with the present-day industry best practices. The best JavaScript developers can help you develop the highest professional-grade website to create a great user experience.

The demand for a front end JavaScript developer is very high in the marketplace owing to the emergence of the advanced JavaScript platforms like React JS and others. Let’s expand upon numerous aspects of JavaScript programmers, JavaScript developer salary, and JavaScript dev demand in different countries around the world.

Best JavaScript Developers in Global Market

According recent research from the Mashable Research, the JavaScript is the second most demanded skillset preceded by Java and followed by C# and PHP. Similarly, the StackOverFlow survey says that JavaScript is the most popular language in three major development categories, such as a full-stack development (85.3%), front-end development (90.5%), and back-end development (54.5%). The demand for top JavaScript developers is all-time high all these domains of software development.

According to the latest information on Hired.Com website, the most demanded technology is JavaScript followed by Java and Python in 2018 in the global marketplace. These figures clearly indicate that the JavaScript is in full demand in the software development domain across the globe.

The demand of JavaScript engineer and remote JavaScript developers is continuously increasing all major domains of software development like front-end, back-end and full-stack development. This is the main reason that the JavaScript web developer salary is increasing continuously in all major countries of the world. The demand of freelance JavaScript programmer and developers has also increased in all major software development categories.

According to the web developers’ job outlook estimated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests a huge growth of as much as 15% between 2016 and 2026. This will generate a big demand for the local as well as for the freelance JavaScript developers. So, the employer will have to pay higher JavaScript salary to hire JavaScript developers in the near future.

The different combinations of skills, such as Python and JavaScript, PHP and JavaScript, Java and JavaScript, and others will remain the main point of focus for the recruiting agencies and employers to hire JavaScript programmers in the domain of web development.

The demand for Python and JavaScript developer is expected to overtake the demand of PHP JavaScript developers in the marketplace for the backend development. And, the full-stack JavaScript developer resume is in high demand as compared to the front end developer resume in the marketplace. A few years back, the front end developer was in a very high demand.

Analysis of JavaScript Developers Global Availability & Demand

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the present demand of software developers in the USA stands at about 1.256 million jobs in 2016. This number is expected to increase by over 300 thousand by 2026 with about 24% of average growth. Thus, the annual demand for software developers in 2026 will be about 1.6 million jobs. The Bureau pointed out that in 2010, the supply of software developers was almost 90 thousand less than the demand in the USA only.

Similarly, the latest statistics about the computing jobs on Code.Org suggest that the demand stands at about 553,327 jobs while the local supply in the USA market is just 49,291 people. There is a huge deficit in the supply as compared to the demand of computing jobs.

As far as the supply of web developers is concerned, the Simple Programmer information points out that a huge deficit in the supply of web developers is being already noticed in the global marketplace, especially in the USA and Western European countries.

The demand of the front-end development talent both senior and junior JavaScript developers will cross 1.4 million by 2020, consequently creating a huge gap between the demand and supply of the same. Such a huge pressure on the supply of all levels of web developers, including the senior JavaScript developer resources, the JavaScript developer salary is anticipated to increase tremendously in all regions across the globe. You can find thousands of JavaScript and node JS developer jobs on different job portals like and others at any point of time.

According to The News Stack report, React JS is the most popular JavaScript framework in the present marketplace. The demand of React JS is huge as compared to the supply in the market. More than 33% of the employers demand for the React JS developers, while the available ratio of React JS developers stands at about 17%. Thus, a huge difference of about 50% between demand and supply of React JS developers exists in the marketplace. Similarly, a substantial ratio of deficit between demand and supply of Node JS and Angular JS developers also exists in the marketplace, as the NEWS STACK report suggests.

What Kinds of Projects JavaScript Developers Are Used In?

Initially, the JavaScript language was designed for client-side scripting to be implemented in the browsers where the backend technology would be Java. But, with the enhancement and evolution in the technologies, JavaScript is now being used in both the front-end and backend development.

Numerous JavaScript platforms designed for both the client-side programming and the server side programming are extensively popular in the present day software development industry. The major example of JavaScript in the server side programming is the Node JS, which is a powerful server side scripting language framework. On the client side programming, there are many popular examples of modern JavaScript libraries, such as React JS, Angular JS, Vue JS and others.

The main projects that use the JavaScript language are described below:

Web Applications & Websites

Many interactive and responsive web applications like Google Maps and others are developed with the power of the JavaScript language. You can create numerous interactive and responsive web application and website projects by using the JavaScript language.

Server Applications & Web Server Projects

Node.JS JavaScript platform is extensively used for the server applications. The Walmart mobile application is an example of server application based upon Node JS platform in the backend server. The creation of web server with the help of JavaScript library Express JS is just a matter of minutes. You can create great web servers in a very short period of time.

Interactive Presentations

Nonetheless, the PowerPoint has many features to create great presentations for different kinds of audience, but JavaScript can make it even more attractive, intuitive, interactive and beautiful by using Reveal JS libraries. So, JavaScript can be used for the presentation projects that look like websites for the audience to create great experiences.

Browser-based Games & Mobile Applications

The browser is now being used as the most popular interface for the online games, which need JavaScript to run in the browsers interactively. Numerous mobile applications are being developed by using JavaScript programming and JS platforms like, React Native and others.

So, in the nutshell, you can use JavaScript in many kinds of projects, such as websites, web applications, flying robots, interactive music, eCommerce websites, HTML5 audio player, web optimization tools, browser based games, 2D/3D interactive maps, interactive presentations, JavaScript libraries, server applications, web servers, mobile applications and many others.

Why to Hire Professional JS Developers?

In the present day competitive work environment, every task is a professional task, and no amateur work can survive in the fiercely competitive marketplace. You cannot put your business at risk just for the sake of saving a few dollars on the software development.

You should always pay full attention to the new features, high performance, and attractive outlook to create a great user experience so that you can achieve the competitive advantages in the market. This competitive advantage can only be achieved by hiring the professional JavaScript developers for your website, web application or mobile application.

Let’s have a look at the statistics regarding the performance of the websites, and consequently the impact of the performance on the business bottom lines. According to the Akamai research data, more than 79% of the visitors unsatisfied with the website performance are not likely to purchase anything from the website. A bad user interface and the reduced user experience decrease both the SEO ranking and conversion rate very badly.

A professional grade website powered by JavaScript language creates a great user experience and thus, increases the business bottom lines.

The main reasons for hiring professional JavaScript developers for your software development project are listed below.

  • Professional JavaScript developers make sure that the code works smoothly and efficiently in all types of supported browsers to create a smooth user experience
  • Professional level custom website designs can only be achieved by using the experienced services of JavaScript expert developers
  • The latest trends in the technology and website features are better known by the professional developers who implement them as per requirements
  • Professional developers understand the all aspects of software to accomplish the business requirements properly
  • The quality of the code is a key factor, which can only be maintained by the professional JavaScript developers by running multiple kinds of software tests
  • The client side security of a software application, website and the user data is very crucial in the modern business ecosystem that can only be maintained by the professional JavaScript developers
  • The performance of a web application or website plays a critical role in the modern businesses; so it is very imperative to use professional JavaScript developers to maintain the best performance of the software applications
  • The coding should follow the modern coding standards, industry best practices and search engine optimization algorithms, which can be better understood by the professional JavaScript developers
  • By handing over the development job to professional JavaScript developers, you can focus on other important things for making your business processes more productive and effective
  • Identification and monitoring of the key performance indicators are the other complex responsibility of a professional developer to maintain the services with high performance
  • By using professional JavaScript developers, you get the benefit of the knowledge, experience and the professional ways he/she possesses in the field of software application or website development.

All of the above factors are not possible through DIY development projects. Only the professional software developers can help achieve those technical objectives. So, hiring a professional JavaScript developer for your web development is very important because your business deserves to be highly professional.

Most Popular Skill Combinations of JavaScript Developers

JavaScript is just one scripting language that works with other technologies like HTML and CSS on the front-end, and Java, C#, Python, PHP and others at the backend to create a meaningful a software application or a website. A good software developer, especially in the domain of web apps and website development should have strong knowledge of JavaScript scripting language along with other powerful languages commonly used in the web development both in the front-end development and the back-end development.

Basically, a full-stack developer should have knowledge of both the front-end and backend software development along with the databases and other tools. Let’s have a look at some of the basic combinations of web development technologies, which are commonly demanded for in the present marketplace.

JavaScript + PHP

The combination of PHP and JavaScript was in great demand a few years back. But now, the demand of PHP is decreasing due to its code standards, code security, difficult refactoring and debugging, other downsides. However, there are many applications that use the PHP and JavaScript combination, and many enterprises still use the power of ease to learn about PHP in their small web applications.

The combination of PHP and JavaScript is very suitable for the content management system (CMS) platforms for creating interactive and responsive websites. The content management system platforms are very popular for blogging, eCommerce, media, education, and professional websites. So, to make CMS websites more professional and attractive, the combination of PHP and JavaScript works very well.

The appeal of client-server based programming is dwindling with the passage of time that is the main reasons for decreasing popularity of the PHP in combination with the JavaScript language in the present marketplace.

JavaScript + HTML

The combination of HTML and JavaScript is very basic and fundamental in the domain of web development. The base of the web development stood on the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a long time from the very beginning of the modern web development. The emergence of new platforms like Bootstrap has improved the popularity of the combination of CSS, HTML and JavaScript to a new height.

The interoperation of these two languages is very effective and easy. You can easily embed the JavaScript code directly into the HTML source code, which makes the combination more useful for different kinds of websites and web applications. The combination of these two languages is equally popular with the beginners as well as in the expert web developers across the globe. Despite many changes in the technologies and web development methodologies, the sheen of the HTML remained intact along with the JavaScript language. The latest version of the HTML5 is becoming a disruptive technology in the modern web development in combination with the JavaScript language.

JavaScript + Python

According to the IEEE Spectrum ranking 2017, the Python is the number one interactive computer programming language followed by the C, Java and C++. The combination of JavaScript and Python are extensively used for the development of modern interactive web applications and corporate websites. The Python supports coding of large projects with less coding as compared to many other languages like Java, C languages.

The JavaScript is like a subset of Python’s object-based capability. Both JavaScript and Python support similar kinds of programming style. The other major advantages of Python over other combinations of JavaScript include the following:

  • Quicker development time due to dynamic typing and built in data types
  • Has a powerful dictionary types and polymorphic list
  • Python source code can easily be translated into other languages like Java
  • Simple and short coding, but supports powerful coding reuse capabilities
  • Python coding is more secure and robust

Owing to the above mentioned factors, the combination of Python and JavaScript rocks in the global marketplace.

Top JavaScript Frameworks and Their Major Uses

JavaScript is one of the most demanded scripting languages in the web development sphere across the globe. Due to this increasing demand of the JavaScript language, numerous JavaScript libraries commonly referred as the JavaScript frameworks have been introduced in the marketplace.

According to the Google Trends, the popularity of the JavaScript frameworks in terms of Google searches is depicted in the following graph.

The short descriptions and the uses of the top JS frameworks are given below:

Angular JS Framework

The Angular JS framework is the most popular JavaScript framework in the marketplace. With the release of the Angular 2 version of this framework, the demand of the Angular JS developers has soared to a new height in the marketplace.

The main features of the Angular JS platform include the following:

  • Highly suitable for creating interactive single page applications
  • It is a cross browser compliant platform
  • Supports two way data binding
  • Open source license free of any cost
  • Supports application writing in the MVC (model view controller) model
  • Very easy to maintain the platform
  • Allows to extend the HTML into a more presentable format
  • Offers built-in dependency injection capabilities

This platform is suitable for client side development of highly rich-featured, interactive and responsive websites for all kinds of modern businesses like AppOptics.

Node JS Framework

Node.JS is a JavaScript framework with a huge library of JavaScript functions. It is used for the back-end development or the server-side development in the modern web development field. It is an open source JavaScript runtime environment that can be used for the server side coding without any fee. This platform has become so popular that the demand of Node.JS developers has increased substantially in the marketplace.

The main features of JavaScript runtime environment are given below:

  • Free of cost open source platform
  • Cross platform compliant
  • Unifies the both server side and client side programming in JavaScript
  • Very useful for dynamic and interactive networking applications
  • Very fast and scalable application development platform
  • This platform is based upon event loop and single thread architecture
  • It is fully modular platform divided into multiple packages/modules
  • Offers MongoDB wrapper API to integrate with the MongoDB database
  • It is used to develop web servers in a matter of minutes

React JS framework

If we look at the demand of the React developers in the recent years, it has increased tremendously in the marketplace. In fact, the demand is much higher than the supply in the marketplace. The reason of this demand is the increasing popularity of React JS JavaScript framework. React JS is a powerful library for developing the user interfaces. You can develop powerful mobile applications and single page application (SPAs) with the help of React JS platform.

The main features of the React JS framework are listed below:

  • It is a cross platform compliant JavaScript library
  • Supports virtual document object model (DOM)
  • Supports capability of multiple nested elements in an array
  • Offers numerous element attributes to mirror the HTML attributes
  • Provides more predictable code due to declarative view
  • Supports JavaScript XML (JSX) syntax, which resembles to the HTML syntax

Vue JS Framework

Vue JS is a JavaScript framework released in the MIT license scheme. It is used to create highly maintainable and testable web development code. It is an easy to learn platform. The demand of Vue.js developers is low as compared to other JavaScript platforms like Angular JS and React JS platforms, but the demand will increase as the popularity of this platform is rising slowly and gradually. You can develop very powerful and interactive eCommerce and inventory websites with the help of Vue.js platform.

The main features of Vue JS platform are listed below:

  • A progressive and lightweight JavaScript framework
  • MIT license
  • Supports single file value components
  • Easy to work with and learn in a very short period of time
  • Support virtual DOM for better performance
  • Supports arrow functions with a shorter syntax
  • Support multi-line strings and embedded expression through template literals capabilities

The Vue JS platform is suitable for software development project related to user interfaces, website, and web applications.

JavaScript Salaries in 10 Major Countries

JavaScript libraries are the most commonly used components in the interactive and responsive web development in the present day marketplace. The demand of script developers is also huge that pushes the salaries of JavaScript developers to new heights. Let’s have a look at the salaries in different 10 countries around the globe.

Name of Countries JavaScript Developers Annual Salary
USA $110,783
UK $54,045
Germany $49,680
Canada $90,829
Ukraine $22,336
France $44,241
Switzerland $78,232
Australia $70,138
Brazil $52,692
Belgium $33,438

Different Ways of Hiring JS Developers

Like the hiring of other talents, you can hire JavaScript developers through multiple ways of hiring. These hiring approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s expand upon the main features of the major hiring methods commonly adopted for the hiring of JavaScript developers in the marketplace.

Local Hiring

This is the traditional method of hiring in which the local talent is hired through the job advertisement in the local newspapers or other modern means. This kind of hiring is a highly reliable form of the talent hiring, in which the JavaScript developer physically works in your office and provides the most reliable and trusted services. The downsides of this method include the access to limited availability of talent in the local market, implication of local government and social rules, and cost of the high cost of hiring.

Freelance Hiring

This form of hiring is very cheap in cost, but it is associated with many risk factors like the reliability of the freelancer to complete the task on time. The quality of the work and the project communication bottlenecks are the main concerns of this method of hiring. In this form of hiring the JavaScript developer may be working on multiple projects and the quality of work may not remain constant.

Dedicated Remote Hiring

This method of hiring for JavaScript developers is a great tradeoff between quality, reliability and cost. You can get high quality work on pre-agreed terms within the project timeline. In this form of hiring, the employer is charged at a fixed rate for a remote but a dedicated JavaScript developer or a full team of front end developers. The service provider company takes the responsibility of the complete hiring process, provisioning of infrastructure and team administration.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated JavaScript Developers

The major benefits of hiring the dedicated JavaScript developers include:

  • Full reliability and peace of mind
  • Low software development cost
  • High quality code guaranteed by the service provider company
  • Dedicated developers to fully focus on your projects
  • A better team management through effective communication
  • Professional grade work environment powered by the state of the art development infrastructure
  • Free from the compliance of local government rules, regulations and social securities

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated JS Developers with Mobilunity

Mobilunity offers highly skilled, experienced and qualified JavaScript developers dedicatedly for your web development projects. The main advantages of hiring dedicated developers from Mobilunity JavaScript Developer Service Provider Company include:

  • Highly skilled, qualified and experience talent
  • Fully dedicated JavaScript developers for your projects
  • High quality development infrastructure
  • Powered by a highly professional management team
  • Modern means of communication and collaboration
  • Central geographical location (Ukraine) in the Eastern European
  • Fixed rates without any additional hidden charges
  • Fully managed development teams

Final Takeaway

Many outsourcing companies offer the dedicated JavaScript developers in the world, but Mobilunity services stand out from all. The main reasons include a highly professional management team and a highly technical pool of qualified developers, which make your project a 100% success. The charges are predictable, fixed and transparent that makes your budget management a great experience.

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