Be a better Boss: 6 Tips to Connect with Your Employees


By Ana Margarita Olar |

As the head of an organization, being a full dictator doesn’t make the organization grow. You need to be a leader who is highly respected. Here are some tips to be a better boss and connect with you employees:

Step out of your comfort zone.

Because of the demands of being the boss, there is a high chance of falling into a routine. That is going to your office every day, open your computer, ask for a coffee, boss around a little, look for mistakes, blame someone then go home. If you want to change for the better, then you have to go out of your office and face your employees.

 Get to know your employees. 

Talk to your employees face to face. Email may be a formal and practical way of communication around the workplace but if you want to really connect with your employees and be a better leader, you have to meet them personally. It has an impact on the employees if their boss is around physically and not just through phones and emails. Take time to really listen about your employees’ interests and their ideas to change things for a better company. And since the employees are confined in their workplace, have some time to talk about things outside their work such as family and other personal matters which could be affecting their productivity.

better-boss- 2


 Break down barriers to communication and information.

Make your employees comfortable when talking with you. Show that you are sincere through gestures and facial expressions. If you want to talk about something private, then talk to that employee privately. And being a better leader, the employee must know everything that’s happening to the organization. Being a boss, you need to give your employees complete information so that they can also give their best for the organization.

 Give recognition freely.

It won’t hurt to give recognition to someone who deserves it. It may be a pat on the back, a simple thank you, a sincere praise for a job well done, or even a monetary form of reward if applicable. All of these gestures are essential for you to be connected with your employee. It is a very important motivator for your employee, as it enhances enthusiasm and top performance from each of them. Not only you will benefit but the organization as a whole will be at its best when the employees are motivated.

Give respect so that you’ll be respected.

Every person in the organization, from the top manager to the floor manager deserves to be respected equally. No matter what their educational background, status in life, whether they have a degree or not, a better boss knows that each should be treated with respect. Respect is different from fear. The former encourages motivation and perseverance from employees even when you are not around. The latter will result in disrespect and pretending to be busy only when you‘re around. So choose to be respected rather than to be feared of.

Take all the feedbacks seriously.

Because feedbacks come with anonymity, an employee could say anything they want without fear of what the consequences maybe. So be ready to face all the feedbacks but do not react emotionally about it. Instead, think about it no matter how absurd it may be, ask for an advice of your trusted person then respond appropriately.