Basic Idea About the Master Key Door Lock System

How To Choose the Best Locks for Your Home Door Lock System

Master keying refers to the concept of using a single key to open multiple locks. A master key door lock system is scalable as per your requirements and is highly efficient. Further, it is designed in such a way as to gain access to a predefined number of entries. It is mostly used in a commercial setting such as a business establishment where you can use a single key to open a number of doors available in the same building. The configuration of a master key door lock system can be very complicated and may include grand master, sub master, and multiple master keys.

Risks Involved in the Master Keying Systems

Though master keying is considered as a very convenient option, there are also certain risks associated with it.  The conventional pin tumbler locks which are configured using the master keying model are quite easy to be picked as well as bumped. Also, the intruders can tamper these systems easily and reconfigure them to their benefit. In general, almost all varieties of master key door lock system are vulnerable to burglar attacks. However, there are some companies that offer mast key door lock systems which are almost impossible to manipulate. According to these companies, the keys are designed with a multi-axis cut feature which is quite hard to manipulate. So, to get utmost convenience, you can use the master key door lock, but you need to choose the best company to install such security system.

The Scope of Master Key Systems

The scope of a master key door lock system can differ in a great way and could range from some small to very huge systems. In fact, residential users need only small systems for their operational requirements, while large complexes including duplexes, rental homes, apartments, etc. require larger varieties. Further, this system also allows provision to change locks in the case of new tenants.

Nowadays, people are increasingly using knobs which have locking facility for their master bedrooms. Here the master keys could be prepared in such a way that certain keys can be used to gain access only to the outer doors of the house, while the master key can be used to open both the outer doors as well as the master bedroom.

How Can a Master Key System Benefit Businesses?

The master key door lock system offers organizations to have full access control, at the same time allowing them to save on the total number of keys which need to be circulated. Further, master keying offers a number of solutions to cater to the varying needs of the businesses and their typical environments.

  • Convenient Access

A master keying system makes it possible to synchronize a variety of products with the help of a single key. So you do not need to carry bunch of keys with you to open all the doors of your office and you can easily use a single master key to operate all your doors. It is a convenient process and you can easily enable a reliable access control system with this master key.

  • Offers Protection through Access Control

The master keys demonstrate access control by allowing the users access to some pre-authorized areas. Intruders and unknown people cannot access your residential and commercial premises without your permission and you can maintain the utmost security measurements with the master key door lock system

  • Cost-effective

Opting for a single-key access could turn out to be cost-efficient, considering the reduction in the initial cost and also the future expenses incurred on the replacement of the keys.

In general, implementing the master keying concept for your business and personal requirements is a great idea. Now you can also search such locking system online and choose the best company to install the master key door lock system in your property.