Bangkok to Host APAC 2017 Coaching Conference on May 25-27


Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits but the ultimate goal of all coaches and all people involved in the coaching industry is to enable their clients to be able to optimize their full potential by performing at their very best. It is the coaches’ duty to help their clients achieve their goals and aspirations, as well as overcome obstacles that stand in their way.

On May 25-27, 2017, Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC), the largest organization of professional coaches in the Asia Pacific Region will be hosting and organizing its 4th Coaching Conference in Thailand, Bangkok. Marking APAC’s 10th anniversary with the theme Mindfulness and Harmony for Humanity, APAC2017 Coaching Conference is profoundly transformative experience that offers a space for coaches and leaders to explore how coaching can be leveraged to bolster sustainable growth in teams, organizations and society as a whole.

In this historic event, every delegate is afforded a refreshing, unique, meaningful, fun-filled and life-changing experience that centers on Harmony and Mindfulness, the key ingredients that the entire humanity needs today,” says Julius Ordonez, MCC, APAC President and founder of Benchmark Consulting, the pioneer of professional coaching in the Philippines.


PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Learn practices to enhance one’s well-being, aware of the harmony within the self and others, become more mindful and empower one’s best self to serve effectively as a coach and as a leader

COACHING SKILLS ENHANCEMENT. Learn new skills, approaches and techniques to enable one’s clients and colleagues to live up to and perform at their full potential, and discover new ways to grow the business

GROUP AND TEAM DYNAMIC TRANSFORMATION. Learn effective ways to enhance a sense of belonging in groups/teams, develop more productive relationships and unleash team potential for sustainable performance

ORGANIZATIONAL AND SOCIAL TRANSFORMATIONS. Learn how to leverage the power of coaching to transform corporate or public organizations -and even society- for greater outcomes, harmony in diversity, and sustainability


  • Marshall Goldsmith
  • Brian Underhill
  • Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu
  • Venerable Phra Maha Wudhijaya Vajiramedhi
  • Suthichai Yoon
  • Alice Haemmerle
  • Alka Shesha
  • Anisha Kaul
  • Atchara Juichaern
  • Atul Mathur
  • Avital Carmon
  • Brenda Bence
  • And other influential speakers!


For Business Leaders:

  • Strengthen your leadership with powerful team-coaching skills, to create sustainable value for your teams, corporation and society with ‘harmony and mindfulness’
  • Improve collaboration and agility in your teams and across your organization
  • Embed a deeper coaching culture in your company for greater staff engagement and profitability

For HR Leaders:

  • Strengthen your coaching skills and mindfulness as a HR Leader
  • Improve your effectiveness at teams and organization transformation
  • Embed a deeper coaching culture in your company

“I hope you will decide to join our Conference. Then be assured of great days ahead—amazing, delightful, exciting, fun, interesting, mindful, stimulating and uplifting.” See Luan Foo, APAC Founder

By joining the APAC2017 Coaching Conference, you do not only enrich yourself, but you also become part of an upstanding coaching advocacy. You will be instrumental in spreading the word about the wonders of coaching, and you will help shape the coaching landscape in the Region. You will be part of an enduring legacy,” Ordonez adds.

Details and Reservations

Date: May 25-27, 2017

Venue: IMPACT Forum Building, Popular Road, Banmai, Pakkred, Nonthaburi

For more details and registration procedures, visit APAC website at or contact Benchmark Consulting at