Baghouse Dust Collector: What They Are For Industry and Business

baghouse1 | Baghouse Dust Collector: What They Are For Industry and Business | Dust collectors have become an integral part of any industrial equipment’s. These are used to collect the dust and ensure that the air is free from any harmful dust particles, or other allergens.

Baghouses are the industrial dust collectors that are used to remove the dust as well as air pollution present during the manufacturing process. These dust collectors are the very first dust collectors that are relied upon the bag filters to trap dust and particles, and then this dust has been collected in a bag. 

How does a baghouse dust collector work?

In a baghouse dust collector, there are many baghouse filter cages. Each of the bag filters is wrapped with woven or nonwoven material. 

  1. The dirty air enters through baghouse filters. 
  2. The air passes through the baffle at first. 
  3. Then the larger dust particle gets separated by the collection hopper from the air. 
  4. This air then enters into the filters. 

Depending on the type of baghouse, the different procedure has been used by the filters to filter the polluted air. As the cleaning cycle completes, all the dust particles go into the bag, and then this dust has been discharged from the bags. 

What are the advantages of baghouse dust collections?

  1. More economical option: Usually, a baghouse dust collector needs periodic changes in the bag. It requires less maintenance. Though there are cartridge dust collectors are also available there, but the thing is that they require more frequent change of baghouse. 
  2. Filters are easy to change: One of the biggest advantages of these baghouse dust collectors is that the filters used in these are easier to change. One can access this baghouse through the bottom and side, and a worker can go inside to easily change the filters. 
  3. Durable: When we compare the baghouse dust collector with other dust collectors, one of the biggest advantages of these are that they are more durable. The filters used in these types of dust collectors are more durable. These filters have been designed in a way that they can also work in harsh conditions. 
  4. Versatile: Baghouse dust collectors can be used at different places. From manufacturing industries to food industries, these dust collectors are very famous and used widely. Baghouses are always a great solution regardless of the size of the dust particles. And in case if the size of the dust particles is larger than 50 microns, then these bag dust collectors are an ideal option.

Maintenance of baghouse dust collector 

With the help of the routine check-ups and cleaning, you can upkeep the baghouse dust collector. Have a look at the certain things that you should keep on check periodically to keep the dust collector well maintained. 

Inspect ductwork: Make sure you keep on inspecting the ductwork regularly as it will help you know any kind of structural issues if present. You should also look at the welds, joints, and seals often so that you can get to know before it breaks. It is always great to know the problem when it is small else it can become dangerous later. 

Inspect differential pressure: It is also recommended that you keep on tracking the differential pressure. The new available filters have low airflow resistance because there is no dust, but with the passage of the time, these filters get filled with the dust, which reduces the airflow. So, keep on check whether the filters are in the right condition or not so that the air pressure would not get affected. Baghouse Dust Collector

Concluding Words 

Industries know the value of the baghouse dust collectors and that is the reason why they are choosing these dust collectors over all other available dust collectors.