Bad Working Habits that You Should Stop Doing Now


Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

Working habits that appear to be harmless, may not be exactly what it looks like. Speculations on office mates that appear to be too friendly might not be the right thing to do.

Here are some bad working habits that you should stop doing today.

  1. Gossip. Being professional means being objective. A professional knows that spreading rumors that might not be true is a bad working trait. Never be a victim of office rumor mongering. Don’t spice up a story that is not exactly true. Offices are not immune to this. Every now and then you’ll encounter a workmate who does this. Don’t be a victim of a bad storytelling game. Gossip is harmful. Reputations are destroyed because of this.
  2. Don’t be a yes man.  Your loyalty to the company must always be your priority. Don’t ever be loyal to your boss. Sucking up, laughing at your boss’s jokes and pleasing your boss with words of praise may appear to be a good strategy to win him over. But in reality, you must be brutally honest with him if he is making a mistake, and you should tell him immediately as this might be damaging to the company. Nobody wants a ‘kiss-ass’.
  3. Not attending company events. There might be times that you’re tired or quite possible already made plans before you got to know that there is an office event that’s going to happen. The habit of making excuses and passing on the opportunity to attend these events might not exactly be good for you. Do take note that, unimportant as it may seem. Being in company events may get your the opportunity to be noticed by the big bosses aside from your immediate boss. You don’t know when the day comes that you’ll be needing this people to help you boost your career.
  4. Being fake. Don’t overdo it. Faking interest to get attention from the people who could catapult your career to record heights might also be harmful to you. Be genuine. If you don’t know what the bigwigs do for leisure, learn it first before taking the chance to mingle with them and noticed. Do what you like best. Develop yourself and make sure that you bond with people with the same interests as yours.
  5. Working for the money. The struggle is real. It’s hard to find a job that you love and that pays well. A job that is not to your liking will often be too stressful for you. A stressful job is usually a job where you find yourself dragging your feet in going to the office. It is suggested that you pursue your passion.
  6. Walking away. Raising the white flag and walking away from a relatively good job would not be nice without doing the greatest performance of your life. Remember, the company pays you to do work until your last day. If you have issues with your boss or your company, work through it before quitting.