Bad Work Habits That Kill Productivity

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by Rey Beltran |

These bad habits have got to stop. You may not know it but you might have already been doing one of these that hampers your productivity. Read on.


This is one habit that we all need to break. Let Filipino Time be a thing of the past regardless of whether you’re late for work or for an appointment. This is totally bad behavior. It shows that you do not respect the other person’s time. Enough of it! It’s already bad that we all have to go through the time-killing and productivity-killing traffic on your way to the office or an appointment, doesn’t give you the right to be late.

Always come in at least 10 or 15 minutes early. That way, you also get the time for yourself to review your agenda or simply get that second wind.


Why postpone things you can do now for later? When you procrastinate often, you will soon find yourself drowning in a cesspool of work and other tasks! The illusion of assuring yourself that you can do it at a later time is just an illusion because chances are, the output will be mediocre. Do not delude yourself with the idea that creativity kicks in during the last minute. Cramming almost always produces sloppy work. You tend to miss out on a lot of details, errors are cropping up, and you won’t have enough time to correct all the mistakes you’ve spotted during your cursorily glance at your “ready-for-submission” output.

Keep the deadline on your mind. Plan on how to work out on the details you need for that report and do it without stalling. Buying time won’t work especially if the project at hand is a rush job or very important.


Small people talk about people. Big people talk about ideas. So where do you belong? Those coffee breaks, lunch breaks, and small talks usually become an avenue for ranting, if not about the boss, about your co-workers. Avoid it at all costs. It’s a dangerous habit to begin with. That golden rule about not saying something if you don’t have something nice to say? Apply that. It works. And you’re good to go if you stick to that adage.

Doing Personal Business on Company Time

Avoid this at all times. You’re being paid on company time while doing personal stuff is a no-no. Think about what if your boss finds out? Where would that leave you? Your boss will definitely not forget it. Separate your personal stuff from work. Do them after work or some other time but not on company time. You may argue that your boss knows or everybody’s doing it, but that’s not the point. At the end of the day, integrity is what counts.

These are just some of the bad habits we commit at work. If we all would avoid this, office productivity will surely be achieved in no time at all.