Bad Sales Tactics You Don’t Know You Have Been Doing All Along

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by Rey Beltran |

You read that right. Selling might be a simple concept but there is an art to it. There are rules… and tactics to be successful at it. Read on:

Second guessing the customer

Anticipating the questions a customer might have is good, and having a good answer to those questions is great. But it’s a no-no to have those questions come from you because you might have brought up an issue that is not there to begin with. Never preempt what your customers might bring up, you will just sound defensive when you do so. So do not start your sentences with “You might be thinking…” or “In case you’re wondering whether…” It’s a bad idea.

Focusing on the Features over Benefit

At the end of the day, customers buy the product because of the benefit and not the features. It’s always “What’s in it for me?” The features are nice, but how would that benefit your customer? Know why your customers buy your product. When you find out the reason why (the benefit), you can now back it up with the how (the features).

Faking Familiarity

We all hate that greeting coming from the salesperson over the counter, or that direct selling person asking you when you open your door, “Hello! How’s your day?” or some such opening that you just walk away or have been tempted so many times to slam the door on them. Those unnecessary openings can be a turn off. It’s so artificial that it leaves a bad taste in you. Just remain professional and personable. Greeting them with a “Good morning” will do. It takes time for a customer to warm up, you know.

Talking More Than Listening

Communication is a 2-way street. Selling is communication. Effective selling is effective communication. Why not listen to your customer after you’ve done your part? So many salespersons rattle off their wares and ticks off people. It’s so irritating that chances are you won’t get a single penny from them. When you listen to your customer, you discover things that might just have the right solution that you or your product/s can provide.

No After-Sales Service

The sale doesn’t end when your product is bought. To build a good relationship with your customers, maintain contact with them after the sale. They might even be surprised to hear from you, but that would be a delight most often than not. That way, you’ll know if they’re truly satisfied with the product or if they’re having problems with it. You will also leave a good impression on your customers that they might even refer you to their family, friends, and associates.

These are just a few of them. I hope that you’re not guilty of any one of them! But if you do, time to refrain from doing it to build a good relationship with your customers.