Authentic Leadership Brand: Deliver Your Promise to Your Stakeholders

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The fast-changing business landscape in the technological age have made it difficult to create a strong yet clear personal brand for leaders that stir up confidence among the people they serve. Sometimes, we even repress their identities that we limit their potential for advancement and their capacities to make organizations more purposeful.

Leadership brand is what sets your company apart from the competition. It is built upon your core principles, purpose, and most specifically defined by who you are as a leader. When your purpose, values and skills bring light to what you want to be known for, you clearly identify your organization’s goals and target concerns your stakeholders and customers care about.

This coming November 9, leaders and decision-makers from various industries will be given the right opportunity to invest in their leadership identities and grow their brand as a leader at the 16th Achievers and Leaders Summit: Creating Leadership Value. The one day leadership summit will address maintaining a leader’s competitive advantage through an authentic and powerful leadership brand. Leaders that are self-aware and have a strong drive to become better in their craft create prospects for other people to become better as well.

When leadership brand has become deeply embedded within the organization’s culture and policies, it solidifies its ability to consistently deliver its promise to the customers. Establishing an outside-in approach among remarkable leaders within your organization helps foster productive employees, improve profitability and customer-centric processes – securing stronger confidence among customers and stakeholders

But how can a leader build up or even create a leadership brand? 

First, there is a need to identify and establish what you want to achieve for your stakeholders. Second, determine what you want to be identified for using your capabilities and areas of expertise. Third, zero in on your leadership identity by defining your approach. Lastly, come up with a leadership statement that smoothly link up what you want to be known for to your desired results. 

This will solidify your identity and will give you focus on things that matter. But it is also crucial to check this brand with your people, so your leadership brand and what your organization stands for is properly integrated. At many instances, companies fail because they follow a misguided belief of training leaders without ensuring that their beliefs and purpose are incorporated with the whole organization.

These are just some of the few leadership branding insights that will be discovered during the summit. International and local thought-leaders will be featured such as motivational expert, Bo Sanchez, International business etiquette expert, Jaqueline Whitmore, former Morgan Stanley CFO and now Chair of International Care Ministries, David Sutherland, among others.

Build organizations through a strong leadership brand. Join the 16th Achievers and Leaders Summit: Creating Leadership Value on November 9, 2016 at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, Manila. Visit Salt and Light Ventures’ Facebook page for details, call 813-2703/32 or 0922 898 0044 to register.