How to Attract Customers and Increase Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store

Executive Chronicles |

No matter how much advertising you do, there is always room to bring in more foot traffic to your store because let’s face it, not everyone has the internet and some don’t pay attention to ads so whatever you can do on a local level will help attract attention. Here are some ways you can attract customers and increase foot traffic to your retail store.

Artistic Eye-catching Signage

Do you have anyone on staff that has a bit of artistic talent? Some grocery stores employ those white sandwich boards that they write daily specials on. A few drawings on that whiteboard will capture attention and passers-by just might stop in to see what kind of décor or cute little tidbits might be inside. More than one customer has been known to say they never even knew that retail establishment was there prior to seeing their newly drawn white sandwich board outside on the walkway.

Commercially Designed Landscaping

One thing you could do is hire a commercial landscape service such as in Northern Ohio. You might not believe it but brightly colored flowers and unusual shrubs do attract a lot of attention. A well groomed lawn, if you have one, is one of the first indications to a prospective buyer that the inside of your establishment is just as meticulously cared for.

Window Display Like in Days Gone By

How many of you remember those old fashioned window displays where products were set out neatly for any one passing by to see. Sometimes the store would have a sale on honey so the window display would be set up like Winnie-the-Pooh with honey all around, cute little flowers and maybe even Christopher Robin will make an appearance in your window display. Looking to call attention to your latest offerings? A window display is the perfect solution.

Parking Lot Display

Speaking of window displays, parking lot displays are just as popular. These can be set up right in the midst of where people will be parking and because you have set up some kind of odd display, they will just browse through to see why you have a roaster for example with smoke billowing out the top. It may not actually be in use, it may be a display only, but they will get the point that smoked ribs are sold inside. Isn’t that a great idea? Country stores and restaurants in the Southeast are big on these types of displays and they will be the first to tell you that they are a huge draw.

Of course you should always try to advertise on Google local so that mobile searchers find your store complete with a Google map that interacts with your GPS. The best way to increase foot traffic to your store is to use as many platforms as possible to engage the largest possible audience. From landscaping and artistic sandwich boards to online PPC advertising, do what you can to put yourself ‘out there’ and you will surely see results.