Are you ready for Freelancing? 3 Strong Signs to check


MJ Gonzales│ Executive

Diving in freelancing bandwagon is enticing, and yet too risky for many. Its superpowers could be overwhelming to develop and responsibilities can weigh down any risk-taker. Given that notion, why more and more career-oriented individuals try and succeed in this field?

Open-mindedness, self-discipline and courage are the key traits to maintain if you like to attract positive things in freelancing.  Remember work experiences that you acquired in your full time jobs are only guides and tools, not the sole basis for this venture.  Somehow, your tactics as a competent employee before might not work this time, especially if you’ll start from scratch and no solid professional network. Let’s say you are innately risk-taker, what are the indications that you should do freelancing?

You grow tired of doing 9-to-5 jobs. There’s difference between desiring to work in another company and working on your own.  If you feel imprisoned for going in the office, serving one particular boss, and finishing mundane tasks everyday then you have to try freelancing.

It is the field for multi-talented and ready to become multi-talented. Since you are not confined to perform one particular job, you can use your talents and develop other skills. You may even form new career ventures that no one in your circle try yet.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Your stable or low salary doesn’t appeal anymore.   Often freelancers are misjudge as low to non-income earners. Some do, but not majority of them. In fact, the way they earn can be compared to investing to stock market. They have high potential to earn because they have diversified and high income-generating endeavors than regular employees.

“A stable salary gives you no feedback on how you are doing. You always make the same every two weeks,” James Saltucher, author of best-selling book “Choose Yourself,” imparted on his website.

Saltucher added that feedback is essential to obtain knowledge and knowledge for him is gateway to happiness. Furthermore, it’s easy to identify and replace non-profitable projects.

You want to experience life. Do you agree that work is just a way of life, not the life itself? You can use your job title to introduce yourself to others, but you feel it’s not the whole definition of who you are.  Though you still need to fulfill obligations in your freelance works, you’re as good as businessman compare to other workers. You can demand or arrange when to do your travel dates, photography sessions, concerts and more.