Appstart Academy to bring Philippines to the mAPP

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Technopreneur Ann Jacobe, along with her team, have recently launched the Appstart Academy that will enable to bring the Philippines to the mAPP (application industry map). The founder of the online online portal that connected shoe lovers around the globe, decided to establish a training center that will equip aspiring individuals to be successful Appreneurs.

 “Appstart Academy is the first and only appreneurship in the phillippines. We teach students how to be successful appreneur. We just don’t teach them how to code their apps but we also teach them how to generate app ideas scope them design at the same time launch and market them,” Ann Jacobe said during the launch last Friday.

Ms. Ann Jacobe discusses the trainings and workshops of Appstart Academy during the Press Conference last Friday.
Ms. Ann Jacobe discusses the trainings and workshops of Appstart Academy during the Press Conference last Friday.

The initiative came to life because  the Philippines is trailing in the App economy. In fact, our country ranked only fourth (second to the last spot) among the ASEAN countries when it comes to the app economy.

“It all came from our experience because and our need and because before we really wanted to learn this new technology but it’s not available anywhere (in the Philippines). We trained in the States and then we are able to do it successfully so we want to share all our knowledge, all our experience and even our material to help the Philippine be at the forefront of the app economy,” she added.

Appstart Academy will offer the following trainings and workshops:

  • Winning in the App Economy – a 3-hour workshop that will show the limitless opportunities in Appreneurship. It will equip attendees the tools and knowledge to succeed in this field of business.
  • iOS Development Immersive – a 12-week program that will enable Appstart trainees to launch their app in 12 weeks transforming their ideas into revenue generating projects.
  • iOStarter Pack – a 4-hour/3-day workshop for those starting in iOS Development who want to learn the ropes in coding apps.
  • Advanced Swift – a 4-hour/week month-long program that will help take your existing Swift skills further while you build your real-world app.
  • iOS for Designers – a 4-hour/3-day workshop for graphic designers who want to gain the XCode experience and learn to present prototype apps without writing too much codes.
  • Specialized iOS Trainings and Workshops for Geo-Location, Push Notifications, AF Networking, Messaging and others will also be offered soon.

Winning in the App Economy is a free course for everyone who is interested to become an appreneur. The course will give a background on the state of the global app economy and how one can be active or successful in the app economy. The rest of the workshops are offered with a reasonable fee (much lower compared to trainings in the States).

For talented individuals who might not be able to afford yet the trainings, Appstart Academy has an APPrentice Program. This program is the academy’s way of recognizing real talent and helping those who want to get started with their goals right away. With the “Learn Now, Pay Later or Join Us” option, students can pay as they learn with realistic terms or eventually be a part of the Appstart Team.

Because creating apps isn’t just for men, Appstart Academy also provides APPortunity Initiative. The academy supports and encourages women to be active in tech and the app development scenario.  Through this, headstrong women in tech can be sponsored by willing financiers, companies and foundations. Given the proper funding and support, every determined woman can finally be given the chance to learn and become prime movers in the App Economy.

Using competitive learning strategies, Appstart Academy promises an immersive learning experience that can bring every aspiring Appreneur to global status. Appstart Academy ushers in a vast window of opportunities for them here in the Philippines and beyond.

For complete details of Appstart Academy workshops, you may visit their website

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