Best 10 Apps for Calculating Sunrise and Sunset Times

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    You might want to capture the golden hour wherever you are. It is when the sky looks majestic and all you will need is to grab your camera or smartphone to snap away. Fortunately, you can find great resources online that calculate the sunrise and sunset times. I recently came across a list of apps that help you do just this and I felt you might find them useful.

    Best 10 Apps for Calculating Sunrise and Sunset Times

    Here are some tips to help you out.

    GPS trackers in your smartphone can help provide exact timings

    The sunrise and sunset times change over the year and may also depend on which part of the world you are. These are determined by GPS coordinates and your smartphones can thereby easily detect your location. It could then accurately calculate the sunrise & sunset times in your area.

    This is the case wherever you are in the world. There’s no need for you to search on Google anymore as the App can simply let you know the exact time for the golden hour for a specific day.

    What’s so cool about is that it works even if you are constantly on the move. Your smartphone will dynamically determine the GPS coordinates and automatically determine the timings.


    Set daily reminders so you will never miss the golden hour

    You may have a busy schedule and chances are that you could miss the sunrise or sunset. You might either oversleep if it’s a sunrise or maybe your coffee-meeting lasted longer than expected to miss the sunset.

    Don’t worry anymore as you can now use these apps to set daily reminders to notify you when it’s closer to time. This will give you enough time to get to the perfect viewing spot around where you live.

    Many of us love the great views provided during the golden hour. It’s a great way to either start or end the day. You can customize alerts that will provide you notifications and reminders to take a quick 10-minute break to catch the sunset. It might be exactly what you need after a stressful day at work.


    Track sunrise & sunset throughout America to travel easier

    If you are traveling around the U.S either during the summer or winter, you would still want to make the best use of the daylight hours. These can change drastically depending on which month you decide to travel around the US. So while planning your trip, it’s extremely important to factor this in your itinerary.

    This is especially important if you want to snap pictures of the various US landmarks that are popular. Some monuments may even reflect the sunlight perfectly – so it’s important to do your research into visiting them at the right times. Fortunately, with your sunrise and sunset calculator apps, you can determine the exact times with ease. Whichever US cities that you plan to visit, your app can provide the exact timing.

    It’s always a useful task to maximize your daylight hours and making your travel plans accordingly. Hopefully, these calculator apps will work as a helpful tool when drafting your plans.

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