Anne Grim appointed as a non-executive director of Plus500

Anne Grim appointed as a non-executive director of Plus500
Anne Grim appointed as a non-executive director of Plus500 |Anne Grim appointed as a non-executive director of Plus500 | Just a few days ago, Anne Grim was announced to become a new non-executive director of Plus500. The decision was announced following the annual general meeting, AGM, on September 16th. After the meeting, the leadership of the company announced that Grim would be appointed as the non-executive director. 

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Anne Grim appointed as a non-executive director of Plus500

Grim has already taken the position after the approval from the shareholders of the company. She has a huge experience in financial services, working for companies in the sector for more than three decades. As Grim has noted, she has worked for many leading companies on the market, such as American Express, and many others like it. As of today, she works as a non-executive director for Metro Bank, Openwork, and Insight Investment.

The forex market in general is very famous for changing careers. There are many people who do so very frequently, also, most of the Forex brokers around the world are trying to get international access and cover new markets around the world. In this process, they mostly prefer to appoint local talents in high positions rather than bringing talents with them. For example, it is illustrated in this T1Markets review that even if the company is headquartered out of its target market, brokers still focus on local talent that could climb up the corporate ladder. 

This mostly happens because local professionals are more informed about the ongoing events on the market and they can better control the situation.

Anne Grim is a very good addition to Plus500 because she represents a person with huge experience and talent in the market. She has worked for leading companies on the market, focusing on the innovation and transformation of the market.

Why are so many people changing careers in the Forex market?

Around the world, Forex trading is known to be a market that is constantly changing. Something new happens in this market every day, and the popularity of it is increasing every moment. According to official data of 2019, the average daily turnover of the Forex market was as much as $5.1 trillion, which is a huge number. 

But, it has not always been like this. Just a few decades ago, only the biggest financial companies, for example, banks, were able to participate in this market. However, recently, this has changed a lot and people around the world have the ability to invest in Forex trading without much effort. 

As Forex used every offering that modern technology and the internet had, it has transformed into something that needs a lot of care and attention. Today, top Forex brokers around the world have employed leading professionals not only in the financial world but also in the tech industry. 

Forex has always been very active about changes and it might be one of the main reasons for its success. Modern companies are following this trend very actively and employees of modern Forex brokers are changing very frequently. 

All of these people come to the market with new ideas, which is giving this market something that not many others have – the ability to develop and change over time. These changes in the Forex market are changing very fast, and the main idea behind them is to create a safe, secure, and transparent market. 

With the appointment of Anne Grim, Plus500 also announced some other changes as well. Recently, the London Stock Exchange has published a statement claiming that the Plus500 repurchased 33,000 of its own ordinary shares. They did it through Credit Suisse Securities. According to the statements made by the leadership of the company, they are planning to repurchase as much as $67 million worth of shares.

The market of Forex is changing every day, and with these changes, there is a need for new people. This is one of the main reasons why so many people come and go in this market very fast.