Alucobond – a universal material for building purposes of the 21st century

Alucobond - a universal material

Alucobond – a universal material for building purposes of the 21st century | The popularity of the Alucobond trademark is once again proved by the fact that almost all types of aluminum sheets for facade cladding are named after it. In fact, alucobond cladding takes a leading position in the panel market for more than forty years. The high performance qualities of this product inspired the trust of buyers from all over the world.

Compared to classic aluminum panels, alucobond is several times lighter, which significantly reduces the load on the building facade. In addition, the material is available in a wide range of colors.

How and where can alucobond panels be used?

Alucobond is a composite material, which is a combination of  polymer and aluminum. The full name is “aluminum composite panels”. Unlike HPL panels, which are based on cellulose, alucobond cladding includes aluminum sheets 0.5 mm thick. Inside, between the sheets, there is a filler. It turns out a sandwich that provides strength, durability, and beauty of the panels.

AlucobondAlucobond can be used for various purposes:

  • for the design of the facades of new private and multi-storey buildings;
  • to update an outdated ventilated facade, to improve its sound and heat insulation properties;
  • to build partitions and decorate the ceiling from alucobond panels inside buildings; 
  • to decorate light boxes, advertising signs and billboards.

Alucobond is especially popular among the owners of private country houses and cottages. Composite panels allow you to decorate a house inexpensively and in return get a practical, beautiful and stylish facade in the desired color scheme. The mounting of the material by alucobond installers Sydney is carried out on the structure of the ventilated facade, therefore, paneling is possible in any cases, regardless of the materials (wood, concrete, stone are not an exception) used for construction and preliminary wall finishing.

Benefits of ordering alucobond installers Sydney

Alucobond cladding has the following advantages:

  1. The multi-layer material provides good heat and sound insulation, which is important for all private houses.
  2. The alucobond is easy to process, despite its multilayer structure. It can be simply cut into pieces, welded and rolled.
  3. The material is strong thanks to metal, but at the same time it bends and has elasticity.
  4. Resists the harsh climate, is not afraid of frost and heat.
  5. 25- 50 years of service.
  6. The outer side of alucobond panels can imitate, for example, wood and decorative plaster, there is a wide selection of shades, you can make a beautiful facade to your liking.
  7. The surface is smooth, with no cracks and can be installed without seams.
  8. Lightweight, so there will be no heavy load on the facade and foundation.
  9. No additional reinforcing parts are required, alucobond is mounted on a simplified frame system, as for a ventilated facade.

Aluminum sheets have an anti-corrosion coating in the form of sodium hydroxide solution. The front side of the panel is covered with fluorinated carbon, which is resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet radiation. This coating does not crack or come off the base. 

For sale front panels made of aluminum are always packed in a laminated film, which is removed immediately before installation. The film is designed to protect the decorative surface of the panels during transportation that provides a perfect quality of the material for the customers. Hence, the process of mounting by alucobond installers Sydney will be very fast and easy! Choose alucobond for your building purposes and you won’t regret!