All You Need To Know About The Mobile Cranes

All You Need To Know About The Mobile Cranes

All You Need To Know About The Mobile Cranes | We have seen different models and patterns of mobile cranes being used in many industries. Cranes have been in use as hoisting, erection, and lifting equipment since their inception. 

The massive popularization of this equipment is due to their high work efficiency. As time went on, we have seen a massive improvement in cranes regarding their features, ability to lift a load, and adaptability to terrains. 

This article will describe a special type of crane that is the movable crane, commonly known as a mobile crane. 

Few Words About Mobile Cranes

One startling feature of mobile cranes is that they are movable. You will see that being attached to vehicles or trucks and means that they can easily transport a load from one place to another. 

Sometimes mobile cranes can be used for outriggers, counterweights, or even used for on0stue assembly. 

Differentiation Between Mobile Cranes And Static Cranes

Mobile cranes are not static but movable. This is the main feature-wise difference that you see in their design. Mobile cranes are attached to movable truck-like vehicles. 

This feature comes in handy when the load items have to be moved across larger distances. 

But static cranes, on the other hand, are affixed to building roofs or the ground, and they can only move along the rotational arm of the crane. 

Advantages Of Using Mobile Cranes

The main advantage of using a mobile crane is that you can use this equipment as a pickup and carry function. 

There are various models of mobile cranes, as we will be discussing below, and each one is suited for carrying out specific tasks. Mobile cranes allow load objects to be easily moved from one place to another without much fuss. 

They can come for immense use in almost any industry that requires moving heavy and very large items over distances. 

Types Of Mobile Cranes

As we told you above, there are various designs and models of mobile cranes that are suited to a range of tasks and functions. Let’s find out about them briefly. 

Crawler Cranes

The name crawler points out that these are some of the heavy-duty cranes capable of lifting and carrying several thousand tons of weight as load. 

Their speed is very, very slow and hence the name mobile cranes. They don’t need outriggers due to their extremely stable design and massive size that automatically works as a counterweight. 

Rough Terrain Cranes

As the name suggests, these mobile cranes are best for working in the most challenging weather conditions. You can easily ride them along with the load item attached to the crane even off the road in muddy and snow-covered grounds. 

These can help carry load items to work sites with road connectivity, such as near coal mines. The load-carrying capacity is also very high and can easily support a few hundred tonnes depending on the model. 

All-Terrain Cranes

All-terrain cranes are good for both on the road transportation and off-road transportation of heavy load objects. These generally look like heavy-duty trucks and can have tens of wheel pairs across their entire length. 

An all-terrain crane also has a close maneuverability feature. This means that it can move across tight turns and confined areas. 

Truck Cranes

The truck cranes are mobile cranes where the crane section is attached on top of a truck. These are medium-duty vehicles and can carry a weight of fewer than 100 tonnes. 

Carry Deck Cranes

A carry deck crane is a rotating type crane that is attached on top of a platform. These are generally used for light-duty purposes.


In the end, it has to be said that the mobile cranes have different shapes and models, and each one has its own unique set of features for working in specific conditions. In such cases, you need to choose one that meet your needs.